Kinky Kollege Homecoming 2017

Aeolis Est Bio (classes)

In the world of rope bondage and BDSM, you would be hard pressed to find a presenter as dedicated to his craft and the lifestyle as Aeolis Est. Bringing an intense love and dedication to all things rope & sadism, his classes, presentations, and performances showcase not only precision and skill, but passion and sheer eroticism. Through the years, he has explored the richness and beauty of rope bondage, from eastern to western, forging his own special brand of rope play which blends the many differing styles found in the rope community today. With each new thing learned and experienced, his commitment to learning everything he can about the art he adores continues to grow, which shows not only in the classes he teaches, but in the excitement and passion he brings to everything he does. In presenting, he utilizes this passion in sharing his own particular love of rope, and invites others to travel along this path with him to a greater understanding of the subject we all love.

Aeshe and Rowan 
Aeshe and Rowan are queer, transgender, and polyamorous, sexuality and kink educators who live and love out of the Madison area. They present at regional events, conferences, and sex shops primarily in the Midwest. They obtained practitioner certifications from TantraNova Institute in Chicago. Some of their favorite topics to present include various forms of sexual play, Tantra, gender, and identity.
Aeshe and Rowan have had the experience of shifting power exchange, sexual, and kink dynamics, within their relationship, while both going through gender and life transitions. They believe fully embodied sexual expression can help people connect on a primal, visceral level where they are most themselves.

Foxy Davis (classes)

Having been involved in the Bd/Sm lifestyle for decades Foxy Davis is an International Level Presenter on many subjects, and an all-around advocate for the Kinkster!!

Owner and hands-on Trainer of the pony -FarrawayFox 2016 IPPC Reserve Champion
Co-star in the 2015 Film “Horse Being” a 75-minute documentary on ponyplay. Filmed by Jerome Clement-Wilz…..This film, shot for the Big Screen, has been shown all over Europe during 2016. The main character of Horse-Being is Karen Chessman. Karen is currently training with an American cowboy Foxy Davis for her transformation into this form of submission known as “pony play”.

Dmitri E. Ville (classes)

Dmitri E. Ville is a Bisexual, Polyamorous Dominant. He has been involved in the Leather Lifestyle since 1993 but seriously involved himself in the BDSM lifestyle in 1995. Once a designer and maker of BDSM leather products and Owner of E-Ville Designs. He has gone into semi retirement from making BDSM toys but still teaches classes by request. A member of the Society of Janus, Dmitri is a fun loving, caring, sensitive, sensual Sadist with a firm but caring hand of guidance who enjoys intense play that often incorporates floggers and single tails. He is the winner of the short whip competition held at the October 2000, Malicious Masquerade in Chicago, IL. His original efforts in 2005 to create a feeder contest to the International Master/slave contest in Northern Calif are what eventually became the North West Leather Conference Master/slave contest. At which SMOdyssey recognized him by asking Dmitri to Co MC the 1st Contest in 2006. For those of you who enjoy the mystique of Vampires, ask him to smile for you. Yes, He bites! \{v^^^^v}/

Ella Notte (classes)

Ella is a submissive and sadist primarily into power and vulnerability, rope, rough body play, and cigars. She is an experienced educator, who utilizes vanilla-life experience to try to present classes which are informative and applicable to those on both sides of the slash. Her experience as a bottom has heavily informed her sadism, and she strives to bring these perspectives to her classes. She has been very active over her 7 years in the scene, founding and co-leading Rope Bite Rochester, organizing RambleGRUE and the RocGRUE, and previously serving as the Education Coordinator for the Rochester Kink Society and on the RKS Board of Directors. She has presented often both locally and for larger regional clubs and events (such as Dark Odyssey, Bound in Boston, Floating World, and the Geeky Kink Event).

Lochai (classes)

Although he’s been part of the public kink scene for 21 years, Lochai has been exploring kink and fetish since he was a six year old riding the school bus when he tied up his first “girlfriend”. Since those humble beginnings, Lochai has built up an impressive resume not only as an award winning photographer, but also as a renowned professional bondage rigger, educator, director , cigar aficionado and founder Rope Bite and Cigars, Boots and Chocolate.

LqqkOut (classes)

LqqkOut is a Midwest-based sexuality educator and rigger, as well as an active member of the Minnesota and Iowa kink communities. He serves on the board of the Minneapolis TNG group Min-KY and contributes to Iowa State University’s CUFFS group.
Since 2006, LqqkOut has devoted many of his weekends to traveling around the country teaching at sexuality events. A self-described “rope-geek,” LqqkOut enjoys helping folks of all genders, play-styles, and sexual orientations gain confidence and build skills through hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and discussions.  His teaching style combines a unique blend of humor and technical expertise as he seeks to demystify complex-looking skills and help people learn to play and think creatively. Most of all, he hopes those who attend his classes learn to connect with themselves and others in new and enjoyable ways.

Ms J (classes)

Ms. J is a sensually sadistic, burn’inatin the villagers, hand-turkey giving, hair pulling, huggin’ with her teeth, pinching, mostly toppy…..kinda girl. Although known best for her fireplay passion and skills, she also enjoys rough body play coupled with soft and gentle contact for that ultimate mind fuck in impact play, blade play with a sharp and shiny, and drive-by dork play.
Ms. J has been in the scene since the tail end of 2004 where friends and mentors educated her on varied BDSM aspects.  She now repays those mentors by sharing her skills with others. She first taught fire to friends and small groups, gradually to larger munch groups. Ms. J has now taught classes throughout Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.

Mynx (classes)

Mynx is an enthusiastic rope top, experienced rigger and suspension artist with a passion for giving rope and sharing her knowledge with the community. She has attended workshops offered by Midori, Tatu, Lew Rubens, Stefano, WykD Dave, Kanso, Osaka Dan and Akira Naka to name just a few and is dedicated to continuing her personal journey tying, teaching and performing with rope. Mynx has presented classes and intensive workshops across the country where she focuses on building connections between partners and developing precision in each tie. A passionate believer in muscle memory, Mynx’s students learn by tying along with her. As a Nurse Anesthetist, her extensive medical background gives Mynx a unique perspective on bondage safety and nerve injury. Mynx is also a fitness instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).

Naiia (classes)

Naiia is a masochistic, bottom-leaning switch who has been in the public BDSM life for about eight years. She started out in rope and while it continues to be something she loves her path seems to be leading her toward M/s and Leather. Naiia also has been starting to teach about the importance of addressing how age, injury, and mental health play a part in what it is we do. As Graydancer’s serva she has been demo bottom, native guide, personal assistant and on-call courtesan and is now adding co-presenter and presenter to that list. Naiia has worked at events such as Shibaricon, DO Fusion, DO Surrender, DO SummerCamp, MadTownKinkFest, Ropecraft, BED, TesFest, Iowa Rope Intensive, Iowa D/s Intensive,  SINergy and many GRUEs. Naiia also co-presented and performed with Graydancer at Power Exchange Summit 2014  and Twisted Windows June 2016

Rapture (classes)

Rapture, or Thom as he is known by most, has made the metro Detroit area his home for more than 20 years and has spent nearly that long in the BDSM realm. A father of three, a leather craftsman, and an avid sports fan, Rapture is a past member of the board of directors for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), the event coordinator of L.I.F.E.(Leather Institute For Education) Detroit, a long time co-host of monthly BDSM parties Wicked and Dark Nirvana, and longtime educator.
Within the lifestyle, Rapture started his journey years ago as a horribly smart-assed bottom and submissive. Realizing that his smart mouth was not conducive to submission, he began switching, and eventually a nearly full time Top/Dominant. While having a wide range of interests in play, his mostly positive experiences as a bottom with canes, and many other things, led to his determination to become proficient with as many of them as possible as a top.

Sarah Sloane (classes)

Sarah Sloane happily identifies as a queer leather dyke non-monogamous dominant woman, and is a very active educator and writer on sexuality, kink, non-traditional relationships, mental health, and personal growth topics. Her first class ever was taught for her Leather club during her pledge period back in 1999, and she’s been going gangbusters ever since. She approaches education from a co-creative perspective, and her classes offer the attendees opportunities to question, listen, share, and imagine. You can learn more about her and her work on her websites, and

Stella Harris (classes)

Stella Harris has been playing dirty for more than fifteen years. When she decided her passions should also be her profession, she began working full time as an author, educator, and coach. As a certified Intimacy Educator, Stella uses a variety of tools to guide and empower clients and she teaches everything from pleasure anatomy, to communication skills, to kink and BDSM. She has presented at universities, venues, and conferences nationally. Her writing appears in the collections As Kinky as You Wanna Be, The Big Book of Bondage, and more than a dozen other publications. She is also widely published online, including a series of tantalizing and informative articles on
Stella offers coaching and private instruction both in person and via Skype. Find out more on her website,

subMissAnn (classes)

Ann, known throughout the BDSM Community as subMissAnn, has been a long standing member for 24 years. She became interested in Pony Play in 2006 and has participated in Folsom Fair since 2007. Exploring Pony Play led her to Pony Mistress Rebecca Wilcox, with whom she shares the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 Leather Title. SubMissAnn formed the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club in December of 2009, is the producer of the North American Pony/Trainer Contest and EQUUS International Pony Play Event. She is a published contributor to the Equus Eroticus Magazine and the author of “Pony Play with subMissAnn.”

The Kitty (classes)

Mostly the doer of things, The Kitty works, lives and plays somewhere between the ridiculous and the macabre. With a day job in the medical field and a background in scouts, she is prepared and knowledgeable of how to hurt folks, while being safe and reverent about it. A lover of the absurd and unusual, The Kitty puts her own special spin in everything she does. She lives an open polysomething lifestyle with her two partners and has been in the public kink scene since 2006.
Besides sharing her kinky knowledge with the local Chicago community, The Kitty has presented throughout the Midwest at events such as Kinky Kollege, MadTown KinkFest, Twisted Tryst, and Spanksgiving. She spends her free time as a fetish model, burlesque performer, and working on her sharpshooter merit badge.

Travis Wilson (classes)

Travis Wilson has been an attorney since 1972, and in the Leather/BDSM lifestyle almost as long. He was a founder of Houston’s PEP, founder of the Houston S&M Ball. He has presented at Black Rose, Beat me in St. Louis, Tribal Fire, Sinsations in Leather and Kinky Kollege, Texas Leather Pride, GWNN Bash, Living in Leather, Camp Crucible, Texas Latex Party, Ms. Gulf Coast Leather, Beyond Vanilla, MadtownKinkFest, and Twisted Tryst.

Travis focuses on doing joint workshops with his Significant Other, the lovely WolfMoon73. Together they teach blood play/piercing and communication classes. When not working or playing with his leather toys, Travis plays trumpet in Jazz, Rock/Blues/R&B, and church “praise” bands. Hey, a guy has to have some fun once in awhile.

WhiskyTangoFoxy (classes)

WhiskyTangoFoxy is a bottom-leaning switch who loves self-tying, self-suspension bondage and DIY projects. She is an active member of the Chicago BDSM scene and frequents Galleria Domain 2, where she serves as part of the volunteer bar crew. In addition to leading the Kink Craft Workshop and the Chicago Self-Tie skill share, she also serves on the moderator team for FetLife’s Self-Tie Tuesday group.

She has been a presenter or TA at Kinky Kollege Spring Break, Ropecraft and Bondage Expo Dallas.

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