Kinky Kollege Spring Break 2020

AMischiefManaged & Mari

Pronouns: He/Him, She/Her

Ron / Mischief

Pronouns: He/Him

AMischiefManaged (Ron) is a relatively new face to the kink scene. While his journey over the past 6 years has taken him to hundreds of events in 10 different cities, most may only know of him through his writings, which are fairly prolific on the platform. His particular style brings an unexpected sense of authenticity, openness with his flaws, and thought-provoking perspectives to his own journey as well as the journey of those around him.  And in doing so, allows him to build deep, meaningful, dynamic, and fulfilling relationships with those who have joined him on his journey.


Pronouns: She/Her

kajiraSelene (Mari) has spent the last 2 years of her journey serving her Master, Ron.  Even though she is still young, she brings a depth and wisdom far beyond her years.  Her journey in the scene beginning at 18 has been filled with trying to heal her many life traumas one step at a time.  Leaning on her power exchange relationship to slowly overcome things like crippling social anxiety and being able to present before you today.

Ann Marie & Fraggle Bio


Fraggle Bio

pronouns: they/them

Fraggle is a long-time queer kinkster of color and non-monogamist who loves long-form investigative journalism, anthropology, and art in all its forms.  Committed to fair and just practices in love and life, Fraggle resides in Madison by way of Cairo and New York City with their spouse, Ann-Marie, and their partner, Gette, and a wonderful collection of weirdos they call family.

Ann-Marie Bio

pronouns: she/her

Ann-Mare is a queer, female-identified, kinkster and non-monogamist who loves teaching, hot baths, and fiction in all its forms. Committed to fair and just practices in love and life, Ann-Marie resides in Madison by way of Louisiana with her spouse, Fraggle, and her partner, Gette, and a wonderful collection of weirdos she calls family.

BDSLR & Ode2Joy


Pronouns: He/Him

In recent years, the only time BDSLR has put down rope is to pick up his camera.  He was the featured artist at Dark Odyssey’s SummerCamp in 2016, and his work has been displayed at Charm City Play Space in Baltimore, MD and Philly Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA.  In regards to rope, he has been mixing sadism, beauty and power dynamics to create his own style, and tying multiple times a week for rope lab, photography, and play.


Pronouns: She/Her

Ode2Joy (Joy) is an experienced rope bottom, a national level presenter, and a lion cub (not a kitten!).  In a collared 24/7 D/s dynamic for years, she thrives on detailed protocol, open communication, and laughing in the face of danger.  She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to rope bottoming, D/s or poly relationships, and facilitating healthy, honest communication.  Her love language is planning things, and she can often be found bouncing around excitedly planning her next adventure.

Carter Brûlée & Kinkerbelle

Carter Brûlée

Pronouns: He/Him

Carter is a switchy, pansexual, polyamorous, trans boy passionate about education and dessert. He walked into his first munch at 18 years old and has been hooked on the community ever since. Carter describes himself as a bottom leaning switch with a love of silly and playful scenes, from both the top and the bottom. He has a bubbly personality and an enthusiasm for education that he brings into all of his teaching endeavors. Carter has taught for various local and national kink organizations. Additionally, he has taught various sexuality-related topics for academic institutions.


Pronouns: They/Them

Strong, spirited, and ever-evolving. Kinkerbelle is a queer femme hailing from New England with a love for learning both in and out of the classroom. Kinkerbelle aims to fill a gap in the kink world: classes and material taught by bottoms that benefit other bottoms and their top counterparts. They share lessons learned the hard way and show that while everyone is bound to make mistakes, it’s a lot easier to learn from someone else’s. They utilize a communication-based perspective and aim to show that “soft” skills are just as important if not more so than hard technical skills.

Elly Higginbottom

Pronouns: She/Her

Elly Higginbottom is a 200hr registered yoga teacher and masochistic bottom with damn fine legs. Her yoga and kink practices developed simultaneously and quite harmoniously, each significantly benefiting the other. She strives to create a space of acceptance and awareness, where anyone and everyone can find an opportunity for growth. Her ultimate goal is to make every life she touches a little easier, one breath at a time.

PlaySmart Angela

Pronouns: She/Her

Known on FetLife as “PlaySmart”, personally as “Angela”, and as “Galiana Chance” in my ex-career as a top-rated phone sex operator, I’m a non-monogamous pansexual kinkster with a talent for encouraging consensual mischief, and a history helping facilitate kinky gatherings. I’m currently on staff with Twisted Tryst ( as Consent Liaison and other roles. In 2012-2015, I co-hosted kinky gatherings in Central IL with Mr_Beck: a monthly public Meet n Greet, and a monthly private play party in our home. For the curious, Jane’s Guide recommended my now-inactive phone sex blog:

Team Soup Biography

Pronouns: He/Him, She/Her/It

We are Team Soup… perverts who really like to do dirty soupy things! We are into s/m and leather, while injecting a little chaos and whimsy. We strive to bring humor, sexuality and passion into our brutality. Polar and nephesh are known for a play style and workshops that lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, bare handed impact, and blood play to name a few. We live in a 24/7 authority transfer dynamic and we are deeply passionate about power imbalance dynamics and the people who live and explore within them.

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