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After evaluation and a thorough decision-making process, the moment by moment changes in CDC recommendations, and recent announcements by officials, the Kinky Kollege Event Committee concluded that cancelling is the best decision, given the difficult circumstances. This decision is not made lightly. It is unprecedented, and we had to review all the ramifications prior to announcing. We also understand that Kinky Kollege, for many of us, is like a family reunion, or a rare chance to “be who we are.” Thus, it will be sad to miss this on many levels for each of us.

Though COVID-19 presents many factors for any group’s decision to cancel, we considered that the nature of our event adds the following issues:

  • In our classes, and in our play parties, close personal contact between people is virtually required.
  • If an attendee contracts COVID-19 (at KK or elsewhere) the authorities will routinely try to “trace it back” by tracking down all the people that individual has come in contact with. The authorities will probably want our attendee list to contact you all and notify/investigate potential infected people. This poses a significant risk to the confidentiality our community holds so sacred.
  • We usually rely on consent, negotiation, and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) when making our safety decisions. However, these become potentially flawed systems when dealing with an unknown risk, such as COVID-19, AND when we are implicitly making this decision for the people we come into contact with after KK.

ALL ATTENDEES HAVE BEEN SENT AN EMAIL FROM EVENTBRITE THAT YOU MUST READ AND RESPOND TO. Look at the inbox (or spam folder) of the email address you used for registration.

This email explains the process of getting a full refund, rolling your registration to Kinky Kollege Homecoming, October 9-11, 2020, or cancelling and donating your registration fee to our charities. If someone else registered for you, and only used their email address, the email will only go to that email address.

If you wish to contact or purchase from the vendors that were scheduled for Spring Break, you can find their information at: http://kinkykollege.com/vendors/

Thank you for your patience and understanding, while we evaluated, decided, and worked out the many logistical details.

Spring Break (Cancelled), April 3-5, 2020

Some of our Presenters have included:

Sunny Megatron
Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Barbara Carrellas
Stefanos & Shay
Jay Wiseman
Nina Hartley
Mistress Shae
Simon Blaise

What people are saying about Kinky Kollege:

Big Thank you to Kinky Kollege Committe & SINS

Another awesome KK event with Great Staff, Great Presenters, and ahem, Great Kinksters enjoying and sharing our Darker side of life. Yes, we ARE a Community! …and it was fun and educational and we shared of ourselves….


We had a great time meeting all the ‘Klassmates’ at KK. Very well organized and I highly recommend this event to others. Can’t wait for Homecoming!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t thank you enough. Everything ran so smoothly. As always, I had an amazing time! I am truly honored to have been a part of this! Thank you!


This is my 4th event and each time I learn new skills, meet new friends, and learn so much about myself. This is an amazing, very well run, safe and fun learning experience.


My fourth trip to kollege and they just keep getting better each time. Everything was amazing. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make these events what they are.


We  had so much fun! It doesn’t even feel like we’re working when we’re at KK– it’s THAT much fun. Thanks for another great event!


Yes this event was wonderful! It was my first time, but I felt so welcome. The instructors were very informative and the people so friendly. I thank everyone who made it possible. I sure hope to be able to go again in October. Met so many new friends. Kudos 🙂


I’m sitting here at O’hare eating a really bad pizza. I wanted to thank everyone who made my first foray into KK a good one.


Thank you Kinky Kollege for another incredible weekend full of education and experience! I can’t wait for next time.


Thank you for another amazing weekend. We are so grateful for all the volunteers who take the time and care to create this event. It was awesome. Thank you attendees, who share thier time, talent and passion with all of us. We were glad to be a part of KKSB2014!!

Violet Wand StoreVendor

Had the most wonderful time at ‪Kinky Kollege‬. The venue was beautiful, the event staff were incredible and insightful, and we learned so much throughout the whole weekend. We look forward to crossing paths again, and can’t wait to show you how this weekend has inspired us.


Kinky Kollege was my very first event when I entered the public scene and this time I was there as a presenter. I was able to pay it forward and teach as I was taught. Thank you for having me and to everyone who I met and shared knowledge with me one way or another, thank you!!