Presenters for the Previous Event (Spring Break 2023)

Debra Shade

Debra Shade is a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert who runs a practice from Columbus, Ohio. Author of a series called The Sex Journals, she possesses an unmistakable charisma in her educational approach, transcending the convention of “workshops” and provides each participant with an instructional encounter. Shade has released Climax: The Power of Great Sex, a guide full of tips and techniques to create, maintain and deliver great orgasmic experiences. Shade leads workshops and seminars on adult sex education in various settings. She has presented Sex Down South Conference, National Sexual Health Conference, Ohio Lesbian Festival, TRAUMA, Lion’s Den, SEXAPLOZZA, Columbus Pride, EXXXotica Expo, Comfest, House of Bacchus, and Columbus Psych Fest. She is  current a monthly freelance writer for, BDSM Training Academy and ASN Lifestyle Magazine. Debra is the author of over 14 orgasm/sex ed courses and seminars on varies topics all steeped in the knowledge of sex for pleasure and the benefits of the orgasm.

Diva Electrique

Highly animated and always eager to inform through entertainment, Diva got their start in the greater Wisconsin communities during the early 2000’s. Throughout this time, they have had the privilege of sharing their passionate devotion to electrostimulation, fetish fashion, and adult novelties with a wide variety of audiences. Diva was interested in kink from early on. Shiny and zappy things have always captivated Diva, and they can usually be found in the dungeon or classroom, excitedly sharing their knowledge and experience with any and all who are willing to offer their time.  When not teaching at or attending events, Diva can be found managing an adult superstore, or relaxing at their home in Central Wisconsin along with their partner and 4 extremely spoiled cats.

Duke of Pudding

The Duke of Pudding has a penchant for silliness while maintaining respect for his personal history, Leather heart, and the kink community. An advocate of creative play, he often enjoys finding uniquely deviant ways to apply his sadism, and further enjoys facilitating workshops and teaching people how to play safely with their chosen toys, with an emphasis on piercing, electricity, and fire. Gogo is a bisexual and polyamorous troublemaker who enjoys tormenting Duke with random dancing and playful negotiation for affection. Duke and Gogo are proud members of the House of AndOr, and work together to produce Ritual Steel events. When not elbow-deep in the ass of a community event, they can be found with their partner Kit while enjoying their clothing optional swimming pool near downtown Las Vegas.


“Jack of all trades, master of none…but oftentimes better than a master of one!” Hellebore is a serial hobbyist, community-oriented kinkster, joyful sadomasochist, and latex enthusiast. They are an ex-academic with a penchant for collecting skills and learning as much as possible from their community and ever-growing poly family. Their go-to tools in their bag of tricks are impact, sensation, praise, bondage, and service. They love to laugh no matter what side of the slash they’re occupying, and are a passionate and enthusiastic educator.

Lady Steele

Lady Steele is a femme lesbian Alpha leather slave with multiple neurovariances. She is an international presenter and resides in Atlanta where she is the only out, open, and practicing attorney in the U.S. that specializes in the issues that are unique to the BDSM and ENM communities.  She is the founder of the Center of Learning and School of Success (C.L.A.S.S.), the Worthless Bastards (Cigar) Club (W.B.C. – Atlanta), and The Leather Coterie (T.L.C.).  She proudly founded and leads the West Inclusive Georgia Socials (WINGS) group. Lady Steele has held various positions in both the former chapter of NLA – Atlanta and the Leather Leadership Conference. She continues to give back to the community through multiple appearances on the KinkyCast, Kuldrin’s Krypt, Dating Kinky, Excite Me, Black to Leather, and Pink Kink podcasts. Lady Steele is also a proud Associate Member of Onyx Pearls – Southern Leather.

Laura Boyle

Laura Boyle is a well-known relationship coach, author, and sexuality educator focused on consensual non-monogamy. She created and maintains the most-cited online polyamory glossary, hosts the Ready for Polyamory Podcast, and has been featured in many national publications, including The Economist, Cosmopolitan, and Parents magazine. She is the author of Ready for Polyamory, the guide to pragmatic polyamory, and has been teaching about polyamory and kink since 2017.

MagisterNodi (He/Him) & Miss_R3d

Jason discovered the Chicago BDSM scene and emotional sadism in 2009. Raised in the “Chicago Way” of dark emotional play, he finds pleasure in exploring feelings that are often left unexplored. He has been teaching nationally since 2012, classes such as ES&M, Fear Play, The Long Game, and Sensory Manipulation.

Red is an emotional S&M switch who has been active in the Chicago community for over 7 years. Her creative sadism and emotionally vulnerable masochism give her a unique and balanced perspective into the pleasure and problems that can come from playing with the emotionally dark corners of the mind. She has been teaching in and out kink for 15+ years and has been formally trained in both group and 1:1 instruction techniques through her professional channels.

Mr O & toy

Mr O is a creative sadist with a love of medical play, a penchant for violent grappling scenes, and a very cute bum. Having spent 15+ years as a jiu jitsu competitor and instructor, he has found ways to apply his knowledge of body mechanics to kinky play and shares that in his teaching.

toy is a masochistic cuck-servant with a penchant for dark rooms and terrifying people. She is passionate about sharing her experience with other bottoms so they can safely explore some of the scarier and more intimate aspects of psychological and emotional play.

Together they have taught together and separately both locally (Ontario & Quebec Canada) as well as at events across the United States. They bring a unique perspective to kink education – advocating and facilitating classes that contain both bottom and top perspectives and experiences while engaging in a long term emotionally S/m dynamic.

Ms. J (she/her)

Ms. J identifies as a community educator, Sensual Sadist, the Nana-Dragon pyromaniac, Agent of Chaos, Mama Bear to many, Mother of Kittehs to her three furry mobsters, a self-proclaimed Connection Junkie, Purveyor of bruise poking and hair pulling, a bus-driving RACK playing mostly toppy kinda girl, the Happy Bouncy Sadist, and a blissfully married monogamish human. This Fire Maven is versed in most types of flame skills, from burner and flow to vanilla and kinky. As an educator and player Ms. J is likely best known for her kinky fireplay passion, however she also enjoys rough body play coupled with soft and gentle contact for that ultimate mind fuck in impact play, blade play with a sharp and shiny to slice off your clothes, the sticky sloppy wet sensations of food play, and drive-by dork play. Ms. J joined the community in 2004 and started teaching fire to friends shortly thereafter. You can find her via Fetlife under the name Ms_J


Ravenous, a cis male sadistic Dominant, has been active in the BDSM community for 20 years. Throughout his journey in BDSM he has become known for edgy, rough, & intense play. Ravenous enjoys volunteering and organizing both local and national events. He has organized local fetish events in central Wisconsin, has participated in case studies for the Northern Illinois BDSM Research Team, co-hosted LordSirDaddy Radio (a BDSM based podcast) and enjoys making appearances as his pony persona, Sir Biscuit.


Rusty (she/her) is a kinky, queer, feminist, non-binary, neurodivergent, educator and speaker in both the kink and non-monogamous communities. Her primary interests in kink are power exchange, CNC, rope topping, community education, and co-creating spaces that feel welcoming and inclusive to everyone. She draws wisdom from over a decade in the recovery community, old Far Side cartoons, and a background in critical sociolinguistics. You can find her on Fetlife as Mominant, and her writings on ethical relationships can be found at:

Susuwatari & Lady

Kinbaku Studio has been practicing the art of rope bondage for over 14 years. They have attended many rope-centric cons, private lessons and intensives worldwide. Susuwatari and Lady Yu have taught at many local, regional and larger conventions for 8 years and been on staff as a rope artist/demonstrator at Exxxotica Adult Expo for the last 6 years. When they aren’t performing, they use the studio to sell their brand of rope, candles, and other products. They opened The Knotty Spot to create content, make art, offer inclusive classes and a consent focused play space to their local community. He takes pride in being one of the few Asian Americans Kink Business owners. Their focus is on body positive, consensual rope, making it an enjoyable experience for all.

Swinky Life

Phoenix Phyre, Myrina, Crimson Dragonfly, and Tristan are an open, polyamorous, swinging,
kinky foursome who created Swinky Life with one main goal in mind: to bridge the gap between
the kink and swinging communities through education and information to learn about one
another’s interests.
For kinksters, Swinky Life creates an open dialog to help break the myths and misconceptions
of non-monogamy and foster a safe environment to discuss the “how-tos” and “what ifs” of
open, non-monogamous, and polyamorous relationships. For those on the non-monogamy side
of the coin, we inform and teach about the joys of kink with workshops that provide ideas, tools,
and techniques designed to give practical, concrete skills. From basic “kink 101” to more
advanced impact play and rope work, we offer a safe space to learn and experiment with the
kinky side of things.

Team Soup

We are Team Soup! Perverts who really like to do dirty soupy things. We are dedicated to having fun and laughter within our lives. We are committed to a leather lifestyle, M/s and heavy play. Polar is a sadist with a creative sense of humor and a passion for finding new ways to do mean things with a smile. His play and workshops lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, hatchets, rough body play and bare-handed impact, and blood play to name a few.  Polar is the Master, Owner, Daddy and partner of nephesh. She is his collared property. nephesh is The Tentacle, a Wonder Woman and His bratty pitbull. nephesh is a heavy masochist and smart-ass who thrives on pain, blood and fleeting amounts of consent. nephesh is the devoted property of Polar.

Travis Wilson

Travis Wilson has been a part of the Leather/BDSM lifestyle for over 35 years. He was one of the founders of Houston’s PEP, and was Chairman of that organization for many years.  He was a founder of the Houston S&M Ball, and was Chairman of that BDSM/Leather event for the first eight Balls, helping to make it an internationally known and respected Fetish event. Travis has been a presenter at Leather/BDSM events for many years, presenting at many events all across the country. He has also been the sole presenter for weekends of presentations for a number of different BDSM groups around the country, including organizations in Nebraska, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alabama, Washington D.C., South Dakota, and Texas. Now Travis focuses a lot on doing joint workshops with his Significant Other, the lovely WolfMoon73. Together they teach blood play/piercing and communication classes

Wicked Wanda

As a Fat Positive BDSM presenter, Wanda brings her love and passion for the Lifestyle to her classes. Active in the BDSM Lifestyle since 2005, Wanda enjoys sharing her love of all things sensory, specially things that make others squirm. She can be easily recognized by her big smile. She served as President from 2011-2014 year for Satyricon, Wisconsin’s premiere pansexual BDSM educational group. She has presented at MTKF, GLLA, Cap Con, Taste of Kink, Corn Con, Quincyfest, and Kinky Kollege. She is an active participant in her communities and has shared her passion and knowledge with different regional groups. Wanda is happily monogamish with her partner. She is a native of Puerto Rico and has lived in Southeast Wisconsin for the last 26 years. She is a Certified Professional Life, Intimacy and Sex Coach, BDSM Consultant for behavioral health providers, and is Kink Informed and Sensate Focus Certified.