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Splatter: Blood Play and Play Piercings
Blood can give life—and take it away. Tap into the ultra-deep connection that can come from trusting, ritualistic play with our body’s most essential fluid. Through instruction and demos by a professional nurse with thirty years of experience, we’ll explore play piercing, medical stapling, and blood draws. Not for beginning blood players or the squeamish: participants should have a general awareness of safety protocol with sharps and blood-borne diseases (the class will include a quick safety briefing).

Play’s the Thing: Enacting Roles for Hotter Power Exchange
Every strict teacher needs a naughty student to discipline—or are you a nervous patient who didn’t take their medicine for the merciless nurse? Role play can let us slip into different versions of ourselves for more erotic freedom, or exaggerate existing power dynamics for even hotter connections with scene partners. Through instruction and demos (and yes, a little role play), explore how to more skillfully enact fantasies of D/s-style characters and scenes. We’ll cover negotiation, expectations, scene-setting, props, wardrobe, what to do when the unexpected happens—whether it’s someone laughing or a prop failing— and how to get back into the role and on with the fantasy.

Breath Play 101: Leave Me Breathless
Breath play is edgy, dark and dangerous, but oh-so-tantalizing.  Breath play isn’t just about a hand around the neck and cutting off oxygen.  It’s also about suspending the intake of oxygen in creative ways that are hot, sexy, edgy, and can be another tool in your multidimensional kink toolkit.  It is crucial that breath players understand the importance of safety in this special kind of play.  Taught by DommeJez, a registered nurse, class participants will learn basic information and skills that will focus on safety, fun and excitement that they can use as a platform to build their own creative breath play experiences in an interactive and dynamic manner.

Dr. Bubbles & KitKatAnn

Talk Your Walk: Power Exchange Communication Skills 
Being in sync with your partner is crucial to a healthy and effective Power Exchange Dynamic, but it is so easy for two or more people to misunderstand each other. Developing communication skills can be difficult even in a vanilla setting! However, by leaning on the fundamentals of negotiation and intent, we can make our dynamics and communication skills reinforce each other. In this class, Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann will show you how to get on the same page by developing a shared language, demonstrate strategies for resolving conflict, and even make it seem that you are reading your partner’s mind through understanding non-verbal communication. This is a class designed for both those who are in an existing dynamic AND those who want to build a good foundation for a dynamic in the future.

Scare Tactics: An Overview of Fear Play 
Fear is one of the primal emotions that we have as human beings. It is a triggered response to danger, an instinct rooted so deep in our minds that it is with us every day of our lives. So as kinksters, what do we do with such a potent sensation? Why, we play with it, of course! Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann will open with a discussion on why we are drawn to fear play despite its label as a form of edge play. Afterwards, they will break down fear triggers into its fundamental parts, demonstrating how to craft an effective fear play scene in a consensual, risk aware manner.

Fun and Games: Using Gameplay in Negotiations & Scenes 
You found someone that you want to play with! That’s great! But if this is a new person, both of you might be trying to figure out what you want to do while respecting everyone’s boundaries and consent. Negotiating for the first time can be tedious… but it doesn’t have to be! Why not make your scene into a game? In this class, Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann show how the natural narrative of games makes a fantastic and fun format for first time (or even hundred and first time) play! Game play elements provide a common basis of understanding, provide rules in a positive form rather than a negative form, establish clear boundaries and expectations through If/Then logic, and create a timeline for the scene while maintaining the thrill of surprise. At the end, there will even be an opportunity for audience members to put this new knowledge into practice and kinkify a traditional game.

Freydis Mora

Introduction to Age Play – Freydis Mora
Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we have to make life all about work. Come to address your confusions and misconceptions about age play! In this 100-level lecture, Freydís covers: what age play is (and what it isn’t); age play terminology; age role play versus age regression; why people may choose to engage in age play; and how to get started engaging in age play.

Wanting What You Don’t Want: Consensual Non-Consent – Freydis Mora
Do you ever fantasize about your partner pinning you down to the bed as you’re squirming, struggling to get free? Have you ever been turned on by the idea of feeling like you’re out of control and “forcing your will” on a (willing) victim? Or do you get hot and bothered when your partner says, “No, don’t, stop!” while engaging in play? There are a lot of misconceptions about CNC play, so unmask your shadow and embrace your power by looking at: the spectrum of CNC play; what communications need to take place; how to negotiate CNC play when consent is something to be freely given; and other questions, thoughts, and feelings around CNC play.

Punishment for Non-Punishers (co-developed & co-facilitated with Korvid_Viorel; Top-focused)
Punishment in D/s relationships serves a multitude of functions: from allowing a “forgive and forget” mechanism, to creating accountability and structure, and other benefits for the D-type and s-type. For many D-types, dishing out punishments is not something they want to do. How do D-types navigate these feelings? What are the best practices for responsible use of Punishment? How does Punishment differ from Funishment? Korvid (D-type) and Freydís (s-type) share the experiences of navigating the emotions and necessary communication for D-types to feel secure in dishing out punishments – and give attendees ideas of punishments to take home with them.

Sir Alice

Bag it Up I’ll Take it… 
Curious about body bags, if you are into bondage, power exchange in a scene, fear play, breath play, temperature play. This class will be right up your alley. Learn the basics, get some new ideas in this hands-on participation class. Come find out how fun body bags can be.

Get to the Point! 
Essential and exotic knives are one of the things used daily in our lives. Let’s take the knives out of our kitchen drawers and pockets and look at how we can exchange power and energy, screams and giggles with this versatile tool of the BDSM trade.

Grown Ass Agency 
What is agency? How does it affect consent? This is one of Sir Alice’s favorite classes.  This class focuses on what agency is. How to use it intentionally to help us to continue to maintain consent as we change learn and grow over time. You will leave with tools that will give you confidence in your decision making.

Whisky Tango Foxy

Rope FUNdamentals  
New to tying? Start here! In this class expect an overview of different rope fibers, brief discussions of their care and maintenance and hands-on guided instruction of a few rope basics that can immediately be used, mixed and matched to create fulfilling scenes.

Introduction to Self-Tying 
Practice makes perfect and self-tying is a great way to build basic rope skills and level up to sophisticated rope work. Self-tying requires a very different headspace, but allows for some of the most focused and intense practice time available to riggers and bottoms alike. This class begins with a discussion of why and how to begin to self-tying. Then demonstration and practice time followed by tips to keep your practice exciting and fulfilling.

Decorative Rope: Making Wearable Art 
Rope makes the best lingerie for all genders. We will cover some basic forms and the knots, hitches and wraps that can be used to turn anyone, of any size or gender into a walking work of art.

Master Cecil & Darcy

Facets of Service – Master Cecil & Darcy
We’ll talk about the multitude of ways in which a submissive can provide service, from the purely practical to the purely pleasing. We’ll also discuss ways a dominant can encourage service, and how to graciously receive it. This class will discuss the nitty gritty of day to day life with a service submissive and their dominant and how it can be one of the most mutually satisfying relationships you’ll ever find. It’s time to delve beyond house cleaning and blow jobs (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

Pressure Points and Energy Play – Master Cecil & Darcy
Pressure points can drop a bottom to their knees with very little effort on the part of the top. They can also drive a bottom crazy in orgasm without ever touching typical erogenous zones. In this class Master Cecil will show you a variety of pressure points from head to toe and how to work with them, as well as how to bring energy into this type of play.

Signals, Snakes, and Bulls, Oh My – Master Cecil
This beginner class covers the various types of whips, care and maintenance thereof, and basic use of the shorter whips with a nod to safety. Participants will have the opportunity to come away with a few basic whip throws, and having cracked their first whip if they’ve never done it before! Audience participation will be at the end of the class with practice going as long as time allows.

Cell Popping – Master Cecil
You may have heard it called cell popping, dragon’s fire, or snake bite branding. Whatever you choose to call it, microbranding can be an intense and artistic experience. Learn the potential and limitations of this technique to ensure you get the desired effect, as well as how to care for your cell popping afterward. Wanna try it??? Bring a design as he will be picking one or two people out of the audience to get popped!

Scott Smith

Flogging – Advanced: “Gentle” – what the hell are you talking about? 
Getting what you want from your floggers including: body mechanics, physics, equipment choice, and mindset to get the most force and accuracy. This will be both demonstration and discussion on the ways and how’s of flogging and pummeling. How to get the most out of your floggers through body mechanics and some simple applied physics. What to look for while selecting a flogger or other striking instrument. Tips on reading the bottom. How to decrease fatigue. Two handed techniques. And, how to most assuredly avoid that annoying “Is that all you’ve got” look from the bottom. If black and blue are two of your favorite colors, be sure and be there.

Needles as Anchors 
They are small, they are pointy, and they get into really tight spots. Covering aesthetic, practical, and structural attachments with needles, this workshop is sure to get under your skin… Or, maybe the skin of your bottom. If you absolutely, positively, don’t want them to get away, or you have the escape artist from hell, this workshop will bring the scarlet to the harlot.

Takedowns & Abductions: Getting Them, Keeping Them, & Not being on the News
Does that evil glint come to your eye when you contemplate abducting a hot bottom off the street or out of their bedroom as they slumber? Does your heart race when you think of being abducted? If so, this is the workshop for you. Scott will interweave fantasy with reality and walk you through techniques to give your bottom the most realistic experience possible. This workshop will be fast paced, full of action, and packed with information: Critical negotiation techniques; a realistic look at injury reduction; how exactly to carry a squirming bottom down a ladder; how to move the bottom out of their home or apartment while minimizing unwanted attention; equipment; and more than one sneaky little trick. Most importantly, Scott will cover his tried and true physical techniques to maximize both safety and success. The shackles are real, the capture is real, the adrenaline is real.

For those bottoms who still give you the, “is that all you’ve got look”, this should take care of them. It will make them wet, it will likely make you wet, and if they decide to heave, you’ll know what they had for dinner. This is about as subtle as a freight train, or Scott Smith, as they are rather comparable. This is a guaranteed way to make the hardened bottom a little more pliable, and soggy. Straight from Gitmo, complete with begging, screaming, and crying, it’s waterboarding.


Emergency Response Training
Get hands-on training and practice for when rope or suspension goes wrong. Learn what to do (and what not to do) when someone faints, falls, or needs to get down from a suspension quickly, and actually practice cutting (provided) rope in an emergency scenario. Gain an understanding of what nerve damage feels like, pick up new methods to mitigate the dangers, and respond to nerve damage if it happens. At the end of this class, you’ll have gotten many recommendations that will help you avoid an emergency situation, know common mistakes people make in rope emergencies, and have hands-on experience to help you keep a level head and get better outcomes.

Chest Harness Smorgasbord
Over 15 chest harnesses will be available for participants to choose from, ranging from simple and decorative to advanced and suspension-worthy. The participants will have multiple votes and the class will cover as many harnesses as we can get through in the time block. The vast majority of the available harnesses can be self-tied, but not all. These harnesses are sourced from many instructors and creators. Put all your votes toward one harness to increase its odds, or spread them out between several that pique your interest! Participants should have foundational knowledge of knots and hitches, including half-hitch, munter, and lark’s head. Bring at least three 30’ ropes and a cutting implement; loaner rope will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Foundations of Predicaments
A predicament is a situation forcing a choice that has no perfect outcome. If you have admired predicaments and wanted to make your own, but weren’t sure where to start, this class will walk you through the foundational building blocks that will allow you to build an amazing scene! Join me for discussions, tie-alongs, and examples around safety, creating tension, ensuring time and sustainability, and choosing possible outcomes. At the end of this class, you will be able to construct new and personalized predicament scenes, rather than simply imitating those you have seen.

Lady Jewel

Hiding in Plain Sight: Narcissistic Abuse in the BDSM Lifestyle
Manipulated. Violated. Betrayed. Surreal. Exhausting. These are some of the ways survivors of Narcissistic Abuse describe their experiences. In this presentation, we’ll discover that narcissism is more than plain selfishness, and that narcissists can occupy any role in the lifestyle, not only “Big Letter” roles. We’ll also explore narcissistic abuse, recovery from abuse, and how to recognize and refuse abusive environments and abusive people in the lifestyle.

Mojo Daddy

Elegant Pain Compliance
This interactive hands-on workshop teaches how to elegantly control your submissive through the use of techniques derived from various martial art forms.  Easily subdue even the strongest and most stubborn bottom with these methods, and do it with poise and grace.  Attendees should expect to be actively involved in learning how to execute and apply these techniques.  This workshop is for female-identifying Dominants who want to expand their repertoire of resistance power-play skills.

Pack Attack: Full Contact Resistance Takedowns
This workshop will enable you to walk the fine line of creating a real “fight for your life” struggle and fulfill one of the most difficult fantasies to satisfy safely. Attendees will learn how to plan, prepare, and execute full-resistance, surprise abductions using a synchronized-team approach. You will learn about what tools you can use and how to use them effectively without causing harm to the lucky ‘victim’.  Attendees should wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement. A small number of attendees will have the opportunity for some hands-on participation.

Tough Love
With a focus on attendees who are currently un-partnered, this course explores broadening your sense of identity and expanding your vision of what it means to be a part of an authority-based relationship.  Learn how past relationships can be building blocks for creating a healthier and more satisfying relationship, and discover qualities and skill sets that express your distinctive identity and bring out your best self.


Got Consent? 

A discussion of consent for individuals and groups, discussing negotiation, dealing with consent incidents and legal issues to consider including Explicit Prior Permission, which is the new legal framework on Consent to Kink.

Consent in Casual and Pick Up Play

Consent is the most important part of everything that we do, and this class will continue the conversation about consent in casual and pick-up play in a way that is meaningful for us. Consent about casual play stretches further into casual personal space than we are often comfortable admitting, and because we tend to focus strictly on play and relationships when we talk about consent, we don’t have as many tools and as much information for these kinds of situations. When we discuss casual and pick up play skills, we also need to be mindful of our social behavior to make sure consent is present in every interaction.


Lolita Play and Lifestyle
Presentation and discussion about Lolita fashion and lifestyle. Topics include, but are not limited to: Lolita silhouette; elements of Lolita Fashion; getting the most out of your wardrobe; styles of Lolita fashion; embracing your culture within Lolita fashion; where to find brand, off-brand, and indie clothing and accessories; where to find patterns to make your own clothing and accessories; International Lolita Day; ideas for Lolita events such as tea parties and sewing circles; online communities and clubs or groups; helpful books, magazines, and other resources.

Essential Touch: Building Connection Through Sensation
Touch is crucial in creating and strengthening relationships. For some, human touch is essential for spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Cultivate your ability to offer loving, compassionate, and skilled touch for those with whom you wish to bolster connection by meeting those needs. Learn, hands-on, a quick and simple technique comprised of five different movements used to establish relaxation. This quick and simple technique for use on the hands provides a big impact through the connection that is formed. Watch a demonstration of the 45-minute back and feet technique that combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience that promotes connection through the senses.

Hogs, Frogs, Crabs, and Shrimp: Bondage Buffet
Hands-on workshop where participants will learn how to apply essential foundation knots, hitches, frictions, and forms to create hog, frog, crab, and shrimp ties with adaptations for limited flexibility and other concerns. An understanding of safety and foundations (reef knot, half hitch, joining rope, single-column tie, double-column tie) is assumed. Please bring your own 1x10ft and 1x30ft lengths to use.

Dan & dawn

Contract Workshop: A Practical Guide to Creating your PE Agreements 
Dan and dawn, authors of the book Hearts & Collars lead an interactive workshop with attendees to create couple specific power exchange contracts. Attendees with enter with blank papers and leave with the format and ideas to create a document that gives their relationship a solid foundation for long term success.

Breast Play For Nice and Naughty
Join us for a workshop on breast play! Bumping, bruising, pinching, touching and more! First an overview and safety, then we get ‘hands on’! This is an interactive workshop for those that want to get directly involved – bring your favorite toys, advise, experience, and breast to practice on (some demo bottoms may be in attendance or ‘byo boobs’)

Sensual Spanking
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple since 2001, will demonstrate the art of erotic spanking. If you are interested in using it as a style of foreplay or as an act within itself, join us as we discuss some of the ways to get started, how to approach your lover, being the center of attention, hand techniques, bringing focus to the relationship, safe words, the pleasure of pain, spanking toys, and after care.

Balancing NRE with MRE
Does the flood of new relationship energy impact the foundation of your mature relationships? Join Dan and dawn, who have been actively practicing polyamory since 2001, as they discuss and share tools to balance that NRE with your existing MRE (mature relationship energy). They will discuss concepts such as ‘fair vs equal’ and how to work from a place of assistance to help the existing relationships from feeling like they are ‘last year’s model’ as well talk about the challenges when you add BDSM, imbalanced libidos, and power exchange.

Debra Shade

Handicapable Pleasures
There is a direct link to sexual abuse and consensual sex acts of individuals with a disability.  This workshop is not about discussing such abuse.  What it will cover is the alternatives and options for sexual pleasure between consenting adults regardless of mental or physical disability.

Temperature Play
Substances of water, oil, and molten wax will be used on the exposed skin of participants. We will use objects which can include cutlery, ball chains, necklaces and many others. We can use blindfolds and bondage to amplify the experience as a bonus add-on.

Saddle Up 
What, why and how do strap-on harnesses work. Harnesses and dildos are made in a wide variety of styles, with variations in how the harness fits the wearer, how the dildo attaches to the harness, as well as various features intended to facilitate stimulation of the wearer or a sexual partner. Exploring the wide variety of sexual activities and lubrication that can be used to ease insertion.

Leather Redux

Impact + Erotic Kinky Hypnosis = Hella Fun 
While this pairing may seem odd to some, impact and hypnosis can create some deep and interesting scenes when combined together. It is not like the movie “Get Out” or some Scooby Doo scenario – – you will not do something that you do not want to. When you consent to a suggestion and add impact to it, the subspace and top space high is deeper and there is a greater connection.

Fisting 101 — It’s NOT Just in Porn 
Fisting may not be for everyone but those who are curious might find a new plateau of orgasms they never knew existed. When done safely, like all things in kink, it can be a new thing to add to your repertoire. When you have trust, take your time, and a LOT of lube, it can open new doors to intimacy.

Scene Crafting – Or Next Level Shit 
This class is about how to create better and more creative scenes. If you are able to drill down into your kinks and find what works for you and your partner, you can have deeper and more intimate scenes. When you allow for some vulnerability and play to your skills, you can take it to the next level.


Corsetry 101
Corsets have been around a long time, but good information about them can be difficult to find or evaluate. A charged subject with many feelings and opinions, as well as a global market making exciting pieces accessible, in this class we can let our understanding of anatomy and biology guide our choices. In this class, we will go over how to fit and find a corset that suits your needs. This class goes over how to measure oneself, the different kinds of corsets and materials used, and what to look for in a piece, as well as how to lace, care for, and wear.

Warming Up and Cooling Down for Active Playtime
The mere fact that sex and kink-related injuries are a well-known joke is proof that we need to do more to prepare our bodies for the activities we want to do. This is not a surefire way to prevent injury, but an excellent way to both mitigate it as well as train the body to be able to sustain more challenging positions in bondage and play. This class will focus on warming up the muscles for some of our more active play, as well as specific stretches to assist in reaching those positions you want to be able to play in. Please wear clothing you can move in for this class if you want to participate in hands-on learning. Exercise mats are not required but may be helpful, bring one if you like, the instructor will have a few to share.

Morning Mindfulness Flow
A kink-friendly morning flow class, oriented towards opening our minds for learning and the day. This flow is aimed towards all levels, and is a vinyasa styled flow. Wear comfortable clothing, the instructor will have a few mats but if you have your own please bring it.

On the Intersection of LARP and BDSM – How Playing Pretend Made Me a Better Player
Are you interested in exploring the powerful parallels between the kink community and LARP technique? In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into a variety of techniques and practices borrowed from other communities, all designed to enhance your kink practice and deepen your understanding of BDSM dynamics. Throughout the class, we’ll explore the commonalities between these two communities and how they can enrich our kink practice. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how desires and boundaries can be seamlessly expressed without damaging the immersive mindset of a scene. As well as how to create and maintain your headspace even when you find yourself surprised. Come see how these tools can deepen your kink practice and facilitate communication and connection with your partner(s). From pre-scene negotiation to aftercare, come explore these possibilities with us.

Miss Kyleigh

Aftercare & Drop

Got a case of the “blues” after convention or maybe this is your first time to Kinky Kollege? This class covers everything about Drop – what it is and how to handle it through Aftercare. These feelings can last from a few days to a few weeks, so we will dive into best practices in how to remedy this situation