Standards of Behavior

Please be aware that there will be people in the hotel for various other reasons such as Hotel Staff, Maintenance Personal, non-scene guests, etc. We would ask that you please be respectful of their sensitivities and their sense of morals. No matter how strongly we may believe in our own moral codes, it is not up to us to make these judgments for others. Our continuation in this hotel may depend upon how well we are received by all people in the hotel…. staff and others alike. So please be friendly and respectful to everyone.

For many, this sort of discussion about standards of behavior is no longer even necessary. Some of us have been to events all over the country, and we understand that our behavior in public venues reflects upon our entire community across the nation. But there are always those people, however, who feel it is proper and necessary to push the envelope and to try and shock the people outside our community. So for those people, let me reiterate—at Kinky Kollege we maintain a basic, common sense approach to public behavior, dress, and decorum. That means specifically that there will be no exposed genitals or women’s breasts, no groping, no lewd behavior or scening in the public areas, and there will be no walking of slaves or subs through the public areas of the hotel on chains, ropes or other bondage equipment. This means that when you go to the restaurant to eat or when you decide to walk through the lobby area on your way to a demo, vendor space, or play party, PLEASE remember that you are in a public area with non-scene staff. If you are wearing fetish wear that is risqué, cover up until you get into the secure membership-only areas. Your behavior in this regard, whether in Chicago or elsewhere, reflects significantly upon our ability to continue booking these great hotels for our kinky events.

We ask your cooperation here not only because it helps to keep our event open, but because behaving in a civilized manner in a public area is the right thing to do. I’d like to state the simple behavioral standard we attempt to impose as permanent Kinky Kollege policy: If you would not wear it or do it in front of your own grandmother, do not wear it or do it in the public areas of Kinky Kollege. There are members of the hotel staff who might be offended and who do not think this sort of thing is either cute or funny. Please respect their sensibilities as we expect them to respect ours. Kinky Kollege staff members will assist you if you have any questions about what may or may not be proper, but I truly believe that all of you know on an intuitive level what is proper and what is not. A good rule of thumb to use is this: If you have questions about whether something is proper or not, it probably isn’t. Don’t do it! Use your head and follow its lead. You will usually not be wrong!

At Kinky Kollege we remain proud that our event continues to be an event where we have an absolute minimum of rules imposed by Kinky Kollege staff and administration. We can make this claim because Kinky Kollege is a gathering where we have some of the most experienced and mature players in the country attending. We want our event to be seen as the one event in the nation where all attendees (both novice and experienced) can feel at ease and feel relatively free to choose for themselves at any time the proper course of action in public or scene behavior. Such freedom, like all freedom, carries with it a great burden of responsibility, and we want to trust the veteran players who attend Kinky Kollege not only to step up to the plate in this regard but to encourage and set an example for the novices and less experienced players who may attend Kinky Kollege for the first time. We make or break our national kinky events by the way we act as individuals, and we hope to prove ourselves capable of being part of a great continuing event. This year we hope to have another GREAT gathering with the best presenters in the country coming together with the best players in the country, and we hope to see you here.

Kinky Kollege sincerely thanks Rich Docktor, the Director of Thunder In The Mountains, for permission to reprint his above writing on Standards of Behavior.


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