Classroom Schedule for the Previous Event (Homecoming 2023)

FRIDAYRoom A Room B Room C Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon


Needles as Anchors – Scott Smith
Facets of Service – Master Cecil
Contract Workshop – Dan & dawn
Breathe Play 101 – DommeJez
Hiding in Plain Sight – Lady Jewel
Got Consent – Tess
5:30-6:30Freshman Orientation
6:30-7:30Meet and Greet
7:45-8:45Opening Remarks & Entertainment
9:00-2:00Dungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon Party
SATURDAYRoom A Room B Room C Room D Room ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right
9:00 – 9:45Morning Mindfulness Flow – Persephone
10:00-11:15Splatter:Blood Play and Play Piercing – DommeJez
Breast Play For Nice and Naughty – Dan & dawn
Talk Your Walk – Dr Bubbles & KitkatAnn
Impact & Hypnosis – Master Leather Redux
Intro to Age Play – Freydis Mora
Grown Ass Agency – Sir Alice
Rope FUNdementals – Whisky Tango Foxy
Takedowns & Abductions – Scott Smith
11:30-12:45Cell Popping – Master Cecil
Chest Harness Smorgabord – Sabrehyde
Consent in Casual & Pick Up Play – TessTemperature Play – Debra Shade
Lolita Play & Fashion – Traeonna
On the Intersection of LARP and BDSM – Persephone
Pack Attack – Mojo Daddy
Lunch Roundtables
Leather – Master Leather Redux
LGBTQIA+ In BDSM – Freydis Mora
One Small Step – Sir Alice
Straight Answers to Gay Questions – Debra Shade
Ask A Nurse – DommeJez
Storytime – Sparky & Friends (Held in XXX Theater)
2:30-3:45Fisting 101 – Master Leather Redux
Hogs, Frogs, Crabs, & Shrimp – Traeonna
Get to the Point – Sir Alice
Sensual Spanking – Dan & dawn
Play’s The Thing – DommeJez
Fun & Games – Dr Bubbles & KitkatAnn
Advanced Flogging – Scott Smith
Pressure Points – Master Cecil
4:15 – 6:00PETS & LITTLES
9:00-2:00Dungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon Party
SUNDAYRoom A Room B Room C Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right
10:00-11:15Emergency Response Training – Sabrehyde
Intro to Self-tying – Whisky Tango Foxy
Saddle Up – Debra Shade
Tough Love – Mojo Daddy
Scene Crafting – Master Leather Redux
Punishment for Non-punishers – Freydis Mora
Warming Up & Cooling Down – Persephone
11:30-12:45Waterboarding – Scott Smith
Bag it Up – Sir Alice
Scare Tactics – Dr Bubbles & KitkatAnn
Essential Touch – Traeonna
Aftercare & Drop – Miss KyleighBalancing NRE with MRE – Dan & dawn
Signals, Snakes, and Bulls, Oh My – Master Cecil
1:00-2:15Handicapable Pleasures – Debra Shade
Foundations of Predicaments – Sabrehyde
Wanting What You Don’t Want – Freydis Mora
Elegant Pain Compliance – Mojo Daddy
Decorative Rope – Whisky Tango Foxy
Corsetry 101 – Persephone