Classroom Schedule for the Previous Event (Spring Break 2023)

FRIDAYRoom A Room B Room C Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon


Knives & Other Sharp Pointy Things – Travis WilsonPerfect TENS: Sensation Play with Electro-Stim Devices – Diva ElectriqueUnder Your Boot – Team SoupOne-Night Spanks: Safely Cruising the Dugeon – Wicked WandaIntro to Strangulation – Mr O & Toy
5:30-6:30Freshman Orientation
6:30-7:30Meet and Greet
9:00-2:00Dungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon Party
SATURDAYRoom A Room B Room C Room D Room ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right
10:00-11:15Flesh Hooks: The Big Prick – Duke of PuddingBridging the Gap: Kinksters & Swingers – Swinky LifeMaking the Most of the Worst: Playng with Trauma – Magister Nodi & Miss R3dProtocols 101: The Good, The Bad, & the Painful – Lady SteeleWhy do I like this?? – Mr O & ToyPoly 101 – Laura BoyleFire Flogging-Focus on Bottoms – Ms JRealistic Conflict Resolution Within 24/7 Dynamics – Team Soup
11:30-12:45The Enema of My Enemy Is My Friend. – RavenousSadistic Ties to make your Masochist Happy – Susuwatari & LadySaddle Up – Debra ShadeBDSM & the Law – Lady SteeleNegotiation – RustySelf Care vs. Community Care – HelleboreConsensual Non-Consent Discussion – Wicked WandaBullwhip 101 – Travis Wilson
Lunch Roundtables
NO CLASSLatex LoveAcknowledging LGBTIA LifestylesParenting & BDSMService ToppingPolyamoryNO CLASSPower Women
2:30-3:45Needles 101: You Little Prick. – Duke of PuddingGlossy Deviance: An Introduction to Latex Kink – Diva ElectriqueBeginner Bedroom Rope – Swinky Lifemy Ass is Owned – Team SoupHow to Take More Pain – Mr O & ToyBoundary Expression and Enforcement – Laura BoyleSuspensions with Bigger Bottoms – Susuwaari & LadyFire 201 Advanced Fire Play-The Firestorm – Ms J
4:15 – 6:00TAPASTAPAS
9:00-2:00Dungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon PartyDungeon Party
SUNDAYRoom A Room B Room C Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right
10:00-11:15Catharsis Through Ritual – Letting Go, Pulling In – Duke of PuddingRope 101 – Susuwatari & LadySexual Intimacy for Women Who Love Women – Debra ShadeWorld’s Okayest Poly Foursome – Swinky LifeBullwhip 201 – Travis WilsonIntroductioh to Emotional S & M – Magister Nodi & R3dImpact 101 – HelleboreExhibitionism – Rusty
11:30-12:45CBF: Edging and Sensual Cock Play – Wicked WandaIf it Conducts, it’s a Toy!: Sensation Play – Diva ElectriqueBrutality: The Sometimes-Ugly Truth of M/s – Team SoupNavigating Neurovariance in BDSM – Lady SteeleRamping Up Intensity: Flogging 301 – RavenousStories We Can Play: Narrative Ageplay – Laura BoylePinning for Pain – Mr O & ToyNO CLASS
1:00-2:15Hooks Suspension: That Flying Prick – Duke of PuddingArt of Hishi: Diamond Shaped Ties – Susuwatari & Lady10 Orgasms You Must Try – Debra ShadeImposter Syndrome in Kink Spaces – HelleboreMind Fucks – Travis WilsonSensory Manipulation: An Immersive Experience – Magister Nodi & R3dFire Cupping – Ms JGrab Bag of Questions – Rusty