Homecoming 2018 Class Schedule

TimeRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room ERoom FDungeon Left


Bitches Get Stitches – Team FluffyCaning 101 – Master KarlWhen Wrong Feels so Right, Intro to Erotic Taboo Play – NudegirlWhy we Hunger for Hurt – The Science of BDSM Research TeamDungeon Ettiquette 101 – Amber GarlandHurt so Good – Susuwatri and Lady Lyonene
TimeRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room D Room ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right
SATURDAY 9:00-9:45No ClassNo ClassNo ClassLittles and Pet PlayNo ClassRecovery in the Lifestyle MeetingNo ClassPre-play Stretching – Vahavta
10:00-11:15Hand in Glove, The Intimacy of Vaginal Fisting – Rowan CaylxCBT/CBF – Wicked WandaNegotiation for “Bad Bottoms” – NudegirlLiving in a Goldfish Bowl – The Science of BDSM Research TeamBDSM the Native Way: Rituals and Spirituality – Team FluffyFEMDOM: Finding your Feminine Leadership Style – NookieNotesPractical Rope Fundamentals – Stranger FriendLets get Cracking, Whips 101 – Robert Dante
11:30-12:45 You want to put What Where? – Cat MaverickBondage 101 – Amber Garland“Ve Have Vays Of Making You Talk” With Officer Nasty – Master KarlBottoming for Consensual Non-consent – Vahavta PharmaKinkology – KinkMedicBeyond the Edge: How far is too far – Travis WilliamsBreaking Down and Understanding Hip Harnesses – Susuwatri and Lady LyoneneDancing with Flame – Pyrosadist
1:00-2:15 (Lunch Break)FEMDOM Roundtable – Cat Maverick and Wicked WandaBURNOUT Roundtable – Amber GarlandAsk a Scientist Roundtable – The Science of BDSM Research TeamPain Processing RoundTable – RubyTops Roundtable – Pyrosadist and Strainger Friend
2:30-3:45The Crimson Splatter, Blood Play on the Edge – Team FluffySwitch Fight – XanthineMake Me a Masochist: Changing your Relationship with Pain – VahavtaOne-Night Spanks. Safely Cruising in the Dungeon – Wicked WandaSTD’s & STI’s; What do you have to know – NookieNotesAnatomy of Desire: Negotiation for Transgender Kinksters – Rowan CaylxFine Tuning your Whips – Robert DanteSuck You, Introduction to Fire Cupping – Pyrosadist
4:15 – 6:00TAPAS Dungeon Right
SUNDAYRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon LeftDungeon Right
10:00-11:15Stapling for Decoration and More – Team FluffyGenital Play Piercing – Cat MaverickThe Tantric Body and Kink – Rowan CaylxMilitary Play – Travis WilliamsBalancing Service Against a Busy Life – VahavtaTrigger Warning – XanthineLeft Brained Connective Rope – Stranger FriendStacking the Odds in your Favor – Robert Dante
11:30-12:45Artistic Cutting – Amber GarlandUnderstanding Body Positive Bondage – Susuwatri and Lady LyonenePegging for Big Beautiful People – Wicked WandaEmbracing your inner Humiliation Slut – NudegirlGags 101 – Master KarlCuckholding for Couples – NookieNotesFire Flogging – PyrosadistNo Class
1:00-2:15Bad Ideas – XanthineWalk the Edge: Breath Play – Cat MaverickBDSM is sooo serious: – Travis WilliamsBottoming to the Universe – The Science of BDSM Research TeamNo ClassMinimalistic Sadistic Rope – Stranger FriendNo Class

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