Spring Break 2018 Class Schedule

TimeRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room ERoom FDungeon Left


What a prick – Intro to needle play (Duke of Pudding)Mummification More than Just Bondage
(Red Opal)
Catharsis: The Power of Release Through Play (Team Soup)Negotiations – Six Styles to get the scene you want – or need (Dan & dawn)Trans Identities in Kink (Badkitty Bondage)Are you ready to rumble? (Lex Divinia)
TimeRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room D Room ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right
SATURDAY 8:30-9:45(RITL) Naked Yoga (Clothing Optional) Rob Ray
10:00-11:15Violet Wand – I Use What to Play with Electricity? (Traveling Fool)Daddy’s Belt – The Dark and Taboo side of Ageplay (Travisty626)Negotiating with Strangers (Sir Vick & Lady Elsa)Getting a Submissive in the Appropriate Headspace (Miss Mackenzee)The Cookie Experiment – Finding your way (Mistress Mayhem)Say Yes to Saying No: Stand for Your Boundaries (Undergroundsea)Rope Made Easy (Sir
Wieland & Cat)
Head Butts and Punched and Kicks… Oh My! (Team Soup)
11:30-12:45 (Lunch Break)Bottoms Roundtable with Coco and Rob RayPoly Roundtable With Dan & dawn24/7 D/s Roundtable With Miss MackenzeeTops Roundtable with Team Soup and Sir Wieland & Cat
1:00-2:15 Let that sink in (Coco)Fisting Fun for Everyone! (Lex Divinia)Sensual Spanking (Dan & dawn)Bottoming… The male perspective (Rob Ray)Stun Gun Fun (Eibon)Fuck-up and Fix-up – moving beyond mistakes and lost trust (Kevin & Katie)The Art of Self Bondage (Red Opal)Indoor fire play basics (Duke of Pudding)
2:30-3:45 Genitorture for Vulvas: How to Make the Lips Scream! (Miss Mackenzee)Predicament Play (Mistress Mayhem)All About the Feet (Sir Vick & Lady Elsa)“Messing with your head” (Head and hair bondage) (Badkitty Bondage)Scene Development and Tools (Sir
Wieland and Cat)
Why Object When You Can Objectify? (Undergroundsea)Whips, Pleasure and Pain (Travisty626)How to Shiv a Bitch! (Team Soup)
4:15 – 6:15TAPAS Dungeon Right
SUNDAYRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon LeftDungeon Right
10:00-11:15Electrified Impact Play (Eibon)How to Have a Very Healthy and Clean Submissive by using tin foil, lemon juice, dental floss and other pervertibles (Traveling Fool)My ass is Owned: How to remain healthy & whole while living in a power dynamic (Team Soup)Hair Bondage (Mistress Mayhem)Ageplay Elementary (Coco)Proactive Submission: Inspiring the new or stagnant Power Exchange relationship (Kevin & Katie)Sensual to Sadistic the Joys of Lacing (Red Opal)Struggle Play (Travisty626 & Duke of Pudding)
11:30-12:45Advanced Sharps (Rob Ray)Pegging and Strap ons and Dildos! Oh my! (Lex Divinia)The Art of Tease and Denial (Miss Mackenzee)Advanced Poly Relationships: A path to freedom from jealousy (Dan & dawn)Spilling the Beans About BDSM (Undergroundsea)Florentine Flogging Made Easy (Sir
Wieland & Cat)
1:00-2:15Erotic Body Grooming (Sir Vick & Lady Elsa)Ouch! Sadistic Rope (Badkitty Bondage)I Cum When You Make Me Cry: A Guide to Emotional Masochism (Coco)Impact play for your brain: Mindfucks (Duke of Pudding)Self-Discipline before Discipline: What makes you fit to lead or follow? (Kevin & Katie)Do you know your partner? (Traveling Fool)

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