Homecoming 2017 Class Schedule

TimeRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room ERoom FDungeon Left


Knives and other sharp pointy things (Travis)Caning: From Sensual to Sadistic (Rapture)Negotiation and Aftercare (Ella Notte)Evil, mean, & nasty rope bondage: How to torture friends and influence people (Lqqkout)A View from the Trenches: Polyamory (Sarah Sloane)Pony play to reinforce the D/s dynamic in your relationship (SubMissAnne)
TimeRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room D Room ERoom FDungeon Left Dungeon Right


Blood play. Blood passion. Blood lust. (Travis Wilson)Bedrock Bottoming
Beyond the Rope. The power of movement, suggestion and intention in rope bondage (Lochai)A Guide to Successful Negotiation for Newbies (and those who think they aren’t) (Rapture)Speedy Gonzales: “How I learned to stop worrying and love THE BIG HOLE!” (Lqqkout)Not Tonight Dear; Chastity (Sarah Sloane)Yoga Kinky Style (Mynx)Dark side of pony (Foxy)
10:30-11:45Medical Play (The Kitty)Orgasms on command (Dmitri E. Ville)CBB – Decorative & useful ties for the cock and balls. (Naiia)Sensual Savagery (Ms_J)Rope safety & equipment – Risk mitigation, not risk avoidance (Aeolis Est)From the Dungeon to the Bedroom: Asking for What You Want (Stella Harris)Bootplay: Stomping, Kicking, and Crushing, Oh My! (Ella
“Pony play 102” “Gaits” (SubMisAnne)

Lunch Roundtables

BDSM 101 Q&A Roundtable (Naiia & Rapture)D/s Relationships (Sarah Sloane)Rope Bondage Roundtable (Lochai & Lqqkout)Responsible Bottoming Roundtable (Ella Notte &
Animal Personalities Roundtable (Foxy & SubMiss Ann)
1:30-2:45Advanced Needle Play (Sarah Sloane)Quick and Dirty Toybag
Strap-on sex for all genders (Foxy)Kiss of the Vampire; the art of erotic biting (Dmitri E. Ville)Bag of Tricks : Foundation Ties for Life (Lochai)Pegging Sir: And other forms of service topping without switching (Naiia)Partial Suspension: The slow unfolding of beautiful suffering (Mynx)Bullwhip workshop (Travis Wilson)
3:15 – 5:00TAPAS Dungeon Right
SUNDAYRoom A (Medical)Room B (Bondage)Room C (Intimate)Room DRoom ERoom FDungeon LeftDungeon Right
10:00-11:15WITH FIRE AND BLOOD…… Explorations in Blood Cupping (Ms_J)Mapping the Vulva: Anatomy, Communication, Touch, & Pleasure (Stella Harris)The Rigger Wore Chaps; Rope, leather, & D/s (Naiia)Tying the Male Form – Understanding the differences of a different body (Aeolis Est)Fetish or For Real? – Intersectional Kinking (WhiskyTangoFoxy)The More the Merrier: navigating group sex (The
with queer cuntessa)

Solidifying the Takata Kote (Mynx)“Pony play in small spaces” (SubMissAnn)
11:30-12:45Watersports (foxy)A beginner’s guide to floggers and flogging (Rapture)See How Easy That Was? Deconstruction of Bondage Ties (Lochai)Leave the Toybag at Home: Playing with the Body (Ella
Bullwhip workshop Part 2 (Travis Wilson)
1:00-2:15Dungeon Depot – Power Tool Play (Kitty
Advanced Flogging, OR Dazzling the bottom (Dmitri E. Ville)What Do I Need to Become a Pyro : Building Your Fire Kit and Fire Wand Construction (Ms_J)So how do you do that? – D/s Q&A (Aeolis Est)Chest & Breast Bondage For The Pansexual Kinkster: Shape up with your chest harnesses! (Lqqkout)Empowering Enthusiastic Consent for Hotter Play and Better Sex! (Stella Harris)

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