Classes for Spring Break, 2019


Steven / Carnal_Knowledge

Heated Discussions
Communication is key.  In power exchange, in polyamory, in vanilla marriage, etc., communication is key.  Steven / Carnal_Knowledge will impart a communication ritual that will help you address relationship issues in a non-threatening way and help you avoid future conflicts.

Toys for Boys: Sex Toys to Use on Penises
Playing with a ding dong can be lots of fun.  Adding toys can make it better.  The majority of sex toys are designed for female bodies. Come learn about toys to use on yourself or on your partner from Steven / Carnal_Knowledge.

Size Doesn’t Matter
Small tops can suspend large bottoms.  Come learn how to substitute brain for brawn from Steven / Carnal_Knowledge.  He frequently uses furniture, good body mechanics, and any other resources available to him to suspend bottoms three times his size.  You can, too.  Think you’re “too big” to be suspended?  Be my demo bottom!


GROUND FLOW: Building Dynamic Floorwork
Floorwork is hard. It doesn’t have the innate risk and thrill of suspension which means the creation of an exciting scene is up to the participants. That makes floor work a great opportunity to use imagination, presence, and body mechanics and truly “fly on the floor.” This class will briefly explore the dynamic arc of a floor work scene such negotiation, preparation, execution (er, I mean, “casting/receiving”), and aftercare. However, the majority of the class will be spent in hands-on techniques exploring sensations and transitions between forms using various bondage techniques along with body mechanics and momentum.

HOT & KINKY: Lessons Learned on the Perv Road
Join Graydancer for a lighthearted and educational look at the why’s what’s, and how’s of kink. Drawing on years of experience as a kinkster and educator, Graydancer explores the key rules that help kinky people get the most out of their experience. How do we play on the feelings and turn them up to 11? Topics covered include things like the flow of a kinky scene, planning, negotiation, how to deal with the things that go differently than expected, and how to adjust and go with changes in emotion, intent, and energy. It’ll all be in the context of “hot & kinky,” with hot demonstrations, laughter, and a guarantee you’ll come out of it wanting to get down and dirty!

Graydancer & Naiia

“Show me that you love me by beating me like you hate me.” – Cherry Doll. There is a lot offocus on trust in D/s relationships,but there’s another quality that is necessary for intimacy:the discomfort and risk of vulnerability for both sides of the power exchange. Can you risk beingall of yourself, even the parts that you aren’t proud of? Can you still believe your partner will love you even after they know you? Authenticity carries risk. This class explores some of the barriers to intimacy, including things we often substitute for the scary feeling of “being in the mess together”. Drawing on the work of experts on vulnerability such as Brené Brown as well as hard-learned personal experience, Graydancer and Naiia lead the discussion of how to take the plunge and fully realize the potential of an intimate D/s relationship.

Kevin and Katie

Actions Express Priorities
Your Needs, Wants and Desires should be used to create a set of priorities that inform your decision making and guide your actions. This workshop follows that chain, from beginning to end, helping turn priorities into actions. We’ll cover some basics of setting priorities, skillful decision making, and staying on target. In a Power Exchange relationship, how do you make decisions that are guided by priorities? When your life or your relationship seem to be struggling can using priorities as a tool help put things right? Kevin and katie share tips and techniques for using a focus on priorities to support and enhance your relationship and personal growth.

Power Exchange Scenes
This workshop is about the Power Exchange elements that can be nurtured and highlighted during your regular “play” sessions. Kevin and katie help you tune-in to the Power Exchange opportunities and learn to enhance the connection within your own play style. Those just beginning to add Power Exchange to their scenes will get great “starter” ideas. There will also be techniques that are more complex and can take years to build.

Slavery – Ain’t nobody got time for that
Life is crushingly busy. Then you think, “It would be hot and fulfilling to be slave to another human.” Is this realistic or just a fantasy concept? This class is about perspective, time management, exhaustion and finding peace in the role of slave. Tips, new habits and altered thinking patterns that can create space for slavery in your life. katie brings 15 years of experience in a 24/7 M/s relationship, slaving through and above children, careers, health issues and demanding schedules.


Negotiation vs Collaboration:  Getting What You Want in Play
This class is geared toward everyone. Naiia will talk about the ways in which boundaries, needs, wants, and desires can be intimidating and difficult to communicate. She will present several ideas on the responsibility and power that comes with both the Tops and bottoms. She will discuss strategies for collaborating vs negotiating for satisfying scenes. The class will also tackle the importance being upfront about physical and mental health issues. The class will allow for discussion about identifying and meeting everyone’s expectations.

Bottoming for The Changing Body
We have all had those days when our bodies, for whatever reason, just won’t cooperate.  In the beginning of this class I will go over the multitude of possible reasons this kind of thing can happen. Then we will talk specifically about the changes that we face when age, weight, illness/injury, and even medications are involved. I will talk about my journey and the things that have helped or inspired me and my partner. We all change but it doesn’t have to slow us down.

The Kitty


Primal Play with Biting and Scratching
We love our whips and chains but sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. A little bit roleplay, a little bit spirituality, and a lot of sexy fun is what’s in store as we look at our own primal urges and how we can make them real. Playing on the primal side and letting your inner animal out can be daunting or just make you feel silly. Is your primal a wild wolf or a playful pup, or is it a ruthless human hunter?  It’s mindset as much as technique, but this class will tell you about some easy ways to start exploring. Come and do some claws on practice, we won’t bite.  Oh wait, yes, yes, we will.


Hot Stuff & Cool Cats – Temperature Play
You were always told not to play with fire.  Phooey! If you follow all the rules you miss all the fun. Heating up the skin using fire, wax, or even chemicals and then cooling it down can set the scene for incredible sensations. We will also touch on some safety concerns and basic knowledge, but everyone can have fun with a little hot and cold.


The More the Merrier: Navigating Group Sex
From your first three way to a twenty-person orgy, group sex can offer some unique challenges.  It should be fun for everyone, but how do you keep anyone from feeling left out?  How do you even bring it up?  And the logistics!!  A once in a while 3-way or a monthly gang bang every level of group play is benefited by some basic guidelines.  The energy of group sex can be amazing, so don’t let the challenges hold you back.  Learn how to plan and carry out all kinds of multi-people sexy endeavors.  And of course, hear fun stories of group play gone wrong.


Naked Yoga (Saturday and Sunday AM)
Stretch your mind and free your body in this gentle, all-levels class for people of all genders, shapes, sizes, and abilities. This is a clothing-optional practice, so you will be able to get as naked as you want to be. Bring your yoga mat or a beach towel to practice on, an extra towel if you have one, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Suitable for Absolute Beginners as well as those with More Experience.

Sacred Touch
This class incorporates the principles of tantra to create opportunities for sensual exploration in a safe and non-judgmental space, including breathwork, communication skills, energy awareness, and consensual non-sexual touch. People of all genders and affinities are most welcome. Sacred Touch teaches the art of listening with your hands. Please note: single participants will be matched with other single participants. If you prefer a partner of a specific gender, please bring them with you.

Sacred Skin (also presented as Erotic Energy Play)
In this clothing-optional class, participants will learn techniques to open and stimulate the energy centers (chakras) and lines of energy (nadis) that are present in the body through consensual touch. People of all genders and affinities are most welcome. Enrich the sensual aspects of your erotic encounters through Sacred Skin. Please note: single participants will be matched with other single participants. If you prefer a partner of a specific gender, please bring them with you.

Boomer and Lisa

Single tail 101 – Single Tail Basics
Starting out with a single tail can be an intimidating prospect.  A good single tail is relatively expensive, takes knowledge to select, requires some time and effort to master and is commonly thought to be a very intense toy.  All of these aspects can make the first experiences with a single tail seem daunting. I hope, through sharing my knowledge and skill, to remove some of the difficulty of selecting, practicing with and using a single tail for the first time.  

This presentation will take participants through all the major milestones associated with learning single tails.  

Topics will include:

– Whip selection and maintenance
– Safety issues associated with single tails
– Simple and basic throwing techniques
– Practice and play strategies

Single Tail Hands on Workshop – Harnessing the Power
The use of single tail whips requires a diverse spectrum of techniques and skills.  A person can practice for a few hours and gain enough skill to use a small whip safely and effectively or they can spend years mastering more difficult whips and techniques, accessing a wide range of sensations available to the skilled practitioner.  This workshop will increase each person’s understanding and knowledge of single tail use in SM and guiding them toward greater enjoyment of single tails.

Workshop topics include:

– Choosing an appropriate whip to match your style and desired play activities
– Learning throwing techniques and practice strategies
– Learning whip dynamics in order to create their own techniques and uses in SM play.
– Hands on instruction   

Participants will need to supply their own single tail.

Consensual/Non-Consent in SM Play – A Practical Application
Co-Presented with Lisa
I have enjoyed CNC play for several years.  I am by no means the “expert” on intense play, but I, like many people, have had many wonderful and intense scenes where the “normal” boundaries of consensual SM play have been pushed.  Sometimes pushed a lot. This workshop will be about sharing some practical ways of pushing the “fun” of intense SM in a CNC scene. It will focus on “how to”.

It will be a workshop from both the tops and the bottoms viewpoint.

Negotiating CNC  Play
Co-presented with Lisa
Part science, part art, negotiating for intense SM play is an important skill to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.  However, like many “soft” skills in BDSM, it can be a difficult and confusing skill to master.  Being able to share your needs and desires in order to let your potential partner understand what you want to do or have done to you can seem daunting.  However, approached like any other skill in BDSM activities, negotiations can be broken down to simpler, more understandable concepts that allow a clearer view of what you need to do in order to have a safe, fun and satisfying scene.
While geared toward negotiating a scene for intense SM play, the topics covered in the presentation are applicable to any level of BDSM activities and would be equally helpful to new or experienced people.

Diva Electrique

If it Conducts, it’s a Toy! Sensation Play with Violet Wands
Have you ever heard the distinct crackle of an electric wand and wondered how it might feel? Or, you are looking to dive into the realm of electric kink and seeking inspiration in building your own kit? Perhaps you are new to playing with electricity and wish to learn more about how to get the best out of these wonderful little devices? In this interactive presentation, you will be provided with tips on how to pick the electrical wand that is right for your needs. Factors of safe play will be discussed as we work our way through the various techniques and sensations that a wand can provide along with the many different conductive toys that you can find in the least expected of places.

Perfect TENS: Sensation Play with Electro-stimulation Devices
Violet wands may be all the rage, but they are far from the only means to illicit some fabulous reactions from a willing participant. These “mostly” silent devices can really bring a whole new level to your play. By providing a nice constant buzz or administering some very well-placed jolts to give your scene that special touch, intramuscular devices can be a wonderful addition to any toy chest. In this course, we will discuss everything that you will need to add some current to your kink repertoire. Types of devices, costs, and skillful application will all be covered, as well as many of the DIY aspects that place intramuscular devices truly within a class all their own.

Glossy Deviance: An Introduction to Latex Kink
Interested and new to latex and rubber but are unsure of what can get you started? Perhaps you have a general basis and want to build upon your knowledge on what factors to consider in purchasing gear and garments? Does the notion of wearing such a slinky and tight material intrigue or excite you? How about fashion, gas masks, or even total and perhaps even immobile enclosure? During this seminar, we will cover all of the basics with getting you started in experiencing your own latex-related interests. Aside from the essentials of care, maintenance, and storage of rubber and latex items, we will also explore types of gear and fashion, different grades of material, and the processing that can determine its longevity and durability. In addition, we will also touch upon the foundation, process, and different tools needed should you decide to attempt to construct your own pieces in the future.

Jaki Griot

Living Kinky After Religious Abuse: From Victims to Survivors
Religious abuse can manifest in myriad ways which include teaching dogma in a manner that causes psychological trauma. For kinksters, these experiences often become challenges in our path towards self-acceptance. Our trusted teachers, clergy or family have used religion to justify discrimination, harassment and/or humiliation. In some cases, we’ve been the victims of violence and extremism in our own homes. We do not always consider the ways that this abuse can hinder our kink lives. Nor do we always have an outlet to search for other survivors and create resources that facilitate healing. This workshop will talk about different types of religious abuse and the symptoms. It will provide strategies to deal with religious abuse when confronted. It will also discuss ways to reconcile our experience into a greater understanding of the universe and/or divine. As survivors, we can still feel a connection to our past without holding onto the negative aspects of our abusive situation. This workshop is not a substitute for individual therapy and it will conclude with a list of resources for people interested in seeking professional help.

Humor in the Dungeon: Adding Laughter to Our Toy Bags
One of the most common human experiences is sharing laughter. It is a building block used to create intimate relationships. Laughter can be used as a tool to dramatically alter the direction of our scene. Laughter can be a breathing technique, a vehicle to establish a power exchange, a test of wills or just plain funny! The darker side of laughter can include humiliation and edge play. Laughter can also induce altered states of mind to connect us to the divine. This workshop will explore physical and psychological aspects of laughter for all players. It will also talk about the ways we use laughter to hinder negotiation and honest communication.

Service-Oriented doesn’t mean Free Labor
This class is about authority in closed relationships (also called power exchange) as a lifestyle and a kink. It explains concepts like Top/bottom, Dominant/submissive and Master/slave relationships. Service is defined as a concept and then discussed in relation to of how societal ideas of race and gender shape consensual power exchange dynamics

Leftenant Fox

Touch me: Basic Massage 
Touch is a basic human need and often we desire it from those we trust, our partners and lovers. Leftenant Fox will teach the basics of touch, massage, oils, body positioning and draping for a relaxing Swedish style massage.

These boots are made for walkin’
To be under a heel is a wonderful form of submission. To stand over another feeling their fragile body under your feet is sublime. Come learn the Anatomy of Trampling, where we discover the mechanics, traditions, science and joy of stepping (or being stepped on) all over your friends and partners. Be prepared to share your experiences, feet, favorite shoes, and techniques.

Beneath the Leather: Massage for Boot Blacks and Service Oriented folk
It all started at the after-party at a conference. I had traded my the beautiful custom Wescos I had worn all weekend for my favorite Chaco sandals. A boot black approached me sadly stating that I wasn’t wearing my boots anymore, that they had been looking forward to taking care of them. Someone piped up, “Give her a foot massage with Huberd’s” and now we’re here in this class teaching you techniques and tricks that will elevate your leather care.
If you have a favorite leather dressing, please bring it (example: Huberd’s Shoe Grease, Rebel Rub, Picard’s leather dressing) There will be a sample can of Huberd’s to try.

Mistress Starlight & Dizzy

Dungeon/Play space Etiquette – Dizzy & Mistress Starlight
Whether this is your first kink event or you’re a seasonal regular, it is always good to have a refresher on Dungeon Etiquette.  Knowing the rules of engagement makes it easier to relax and have a good time. NO ONE wants to be the recipient of a side-eye or wonder if they have put their foot in their mouth. This class will give you the does and don’ts while in a dungeon or a play space. Etiquette is just as important as safety and we are here to give you some pointers!

Pain for Pleasure, Not for Injury. How not to hurt your bottom – Dizzy
Interest in the kink culture has been growing for years. We see it everywhere, from cell phone ads and cartoons showing a duct tape gagged young women proclaiming you have permission to speak freely to the world-wide phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey but whatever your vehicle was for discovering the kink culture many newcomers are left not knowing where to start, what to do, and how to be safe while doing it. Pain for pleasure was born from a kink scene gone bad and designed to be a newcomer guide as well as an experienced kinksters place to share and learn. Over the past 13 years this session has been standing room only program allowing us all to learn and grow together. The class is designed to be an open format featuring discussion and demonstration. So, bring your bottom and toy bags!

Cock Stuffing – Mistress Starlight & Dizzy
Cock Stuffing or Urethral sounds are designed to be inserted into the male urethra, for the purpose of stretching. This class will go over a few of the different types of sounds and how they are used to keep things safe, yet fun.

The Art of Cupping – Mistress Starlight & Dizzy
Cupping is one of the oldest and most effective methods of releasing toxins from the body. The word cupping literally means to suction. Using a vacuum in a glass or plastic cup, the skin under the cup is drawn up causing increased blood flow to the area. This action draws impurities, toxins, pain and inflammation away from the deeper tissues and organs towards the skin where it can be eliminated. Cupping is essentially a pressure sensation, where a cup is placed on the skin and pressure is decreased inside the cup, which creates an acupressure effect. There are many methods for creating the sensation of cupping, from suction to heat. Please join us.

Pup Havok

The Good Touch Games
Consent is the corner stone of our community. This hands-on class teaches consent in practical ways. Bring a friend but don’t expect to get paired with them as you are guided through a series of 9 games. This sexy and simple class will teach even the most experienced player a thing or two and give the rookie a safe and solid foundation.

Puppy 301: How Much Is That Doggy in The Window
In this 301 class we dive deeper into the puppy handler dynamic and learn what can you really do with your puppy? Do puppy’s become dogs?

Private Dancer: Learning to Love Your Body Through Stripping
Stripping can be one of the most erotic and sensual things one can do but sometimes our own body issues hold us back. Taught by a former stripper, (who knew!) We will talk, share stories and even learn a simple routine that you can take to the dance floor or the bedroom. Grab some shorts, a t-shirt, and your favorite sneakers and come join this panel discussion/demo/dance class with a twist.

Little d/Big S: Relationship Anarchy in BDSM Dynamics
In this class we review some more traditional roles in the BDSM community and then flip them on their head. Focusing on relationship anarchy we discuss some of the more non-traditional ways that we have relationships and how we grow in them.

Rain DeGray

Feminine Dominance: The Joy of Topping
The strength and beauty of a confident woman in control is an inspiring sight to behold. Throughout the ages strong women have always had an irresistible allure…Are you curious about Topping but uncertain about how to get started? Or are you looking to brush up on your skills to create a memorable and sizzling scene for you and your partner(s)?
Rain DeGrey goes over the steps to unlock your inner Domme!
This class will cover:

  • Negotiation
  • How to create a strong scene
  • Various types of play including humiliation, strap-on, CBT, bondage, boot worship, domestic service & more!
  • Optional audience participation role play scenarios
  • Q&A

Don’t be shy; learn to own your strong female self!
This pansexual class is opens to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome!

Dominance & Rough Play
Sometimes one can crave their dominance play a little… rougher.
Not all BDSM play is elegant and carefully composed–it can also be raw and primal and full of abandon!
But how does one go about engaging in rough play without causing unintended damage to their partner? Wonder no more! Rain DeGrey, who has extensively explored dominance and rough play on both sides of the coin, will show you how to safely engage your more primal side. All concepts discussed will be broken down and demonstrated in easily understood detail.
What to expect:

  • Scene negotiation
  • Wrestling holds
  • Rough sex techniques
  • Safe areas of the body for impact & restraint
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Breath Play
  • Hands on practice
  • Q&A

Come learn how to unleash your inner primal!
This pansexual class is opens to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome!

Give Up the Bootie! Anal Play 101
Always wanted to incorporate anal play into your sex life but uncertain where to start? Done some exploring but(t) want to take it to the next level? Unsure how to properly negotiate anal play? This is the class for you!
Anal fanatic Rain DeGrey will walk you through the steps to unlock the pleasures of ass play and how to make it feel good as opposed to “ouch!”.
This class will cover it all:

  • Enemas and Proper Prep
  • Rimming
  • Butt Plugs
  • Prostate Massage
  • Fisting
  • Strap-on Play
  • Safety
  • Q&A

Learn how much fun anal can be when it is done right!
This pansexual class is opens to all genders and orientations, everyone is welcome!

Scott Smith

Breath Control
Taking their breath away while avoiding the flat line: a realistic look at methods, risks, and safety for novice to seasoned expert.
The goals of this workshop are to provide a real-world examination of breath control through the eyes of a former paramedic and lifetime edge-player. We’ll discuss the two broad categories of ‘breath control’ and delve into each with technique examples, safety, physiology, risk assessment, and more. The end result: allowing you and your partners to make the best decisions possible for yourselves.

Flogging – Advanced: “Gentle” – what the hell are you talking about?
Getting what you want from your floggers including: body mechanics, physics, equipment choice, and mindset to get the most force and accuracy.
This will be both demonstration and discussion on the ways and hows of flogging and pummeling. How to get the most out of your floggers through body mechanics and some simple applied physics. What to look for while selecting a flogger or other striking instrument. Tips on reading the bottom. How to decrease fatigue. Two handed techniques. And, how to most assuredly avoid that annoying “Is that all you’ve got” look from the bottom. If black and blue are two of your favorite colors, be sure and be there.

It’s a wrap! Serious immobilization and confinement a la the hardware store.
Mummification is the ultimate in custom fit, confining bondage. Through the artful use of pallet wrap and duct tape we’ll cocoon a human from head to toe with repeatable techniques that can be used with a myriad of materials, including: plastic, plaster, cement, latex, rope, fabric, silk, and more. This is all about packaging, what you do with the helpless victim afterwards is up for discussion.

Rope for the Impatient
Speedy, Secure, Sadistic, says it All.
Hands-on interactive workshop focusing on quick and effective bondage with an eye towards fun, fear, predicament, and frolicking. Good by themselves, even better in combination. Bring rope – including small diameter such as 550, an unsuspecting victim, and comfortable clothing.

The Carnie

Explore your Own Curiosity of Flesh Hook Suspension
The act of suspension is hanging the body from hooks pierced through the flesh
in various places around the body. Want to Suspend? There are many different
reasons to suspend. The reasons extend from wanting a pure adrenaline or
endorphin rush, to conquering one’s fears, to trying to reach a new level of
spiritual consciousness. People suspend to attain some sort of experience: a
deeper sense of themselves, a spiritual encounter, or a letting go not being
complete inside their body. Some are looking to take control over their bodies, or
are seeking to prove to themselves that they can live beyond the physical,
perhaps disconnect from their bodies completely. Finally, some simply seek to
explore the unknown. Hook suspension experience for guest attending event
option is available as well, including energy pulls.

The Cutting Edge, Body Modification:
Branding, Scarification, Cuttings, Removals & Mutilations.
Body modification is not really so strange within a culture where identity is often
expressed through appearance—in mainstream society includes fashion
consumption, cosmetic surgery, and Botox. This is about intentional permanent or
semi-permanent alterations of the living body for ritual, folk medicine, aesthetics,
or corporal punishment. This class we will cover that broad spectrum of why
people do it and the various techniques on how to perform such an alteration.

Up your pee hole!
Intro to Catheter & Sounding 101 class.
This class will demonstrate safe practices and techniques for those interested in
exploring the use of sounding devices and catheters. This class will cover on
both male and female insertions of implements into the urethral opening.


Kids & Critters: A Primer
Curious about age play and pet play, but just don’t know how to start? Or are you already into them and are looking for ways on how to incorporate the two together? Then look no further than this class! We will go over the basics of what both age play and pet play are, and what each looks like separately. We’ll cover the basic points of pet play that translate across the animal kingdom before going more in depth with canines and felines.
Then, we’ll discuss the myriad of ways in which you can incorporate the two forms of play together. After all, littles and pets are a match made in heaven! What little doesn’t like playing fetch with the puppies or petting the kitties?

Chocolate Milk and Tears: Dark Age Play
Let’s frolic at the edge of age play. Let’s get dark and bring out all of the monsters from under the bed. We’ll cover different ways to make your age play a whole lot meaner and exploit the innocence inherent to age play, while still maintaining the littles headspace. We’ll discuss how this can fit into your dynamic and what special after care that it may entail.

Keeping it in the Family: Incest Role Play
Does your daddy love you in that “special” way? Does it make you shake in your diaper when bedtime comes around? For all the sick and twisted little girls and boys out there, and all of the mommies and daddies that love them in that “special” way, this class is for you! We’ll explore the different implications of incest role play, and why exploiting the innocence inherent in age play may be something that leaves your panties soaked. We’ll discuss how this may fit into your dynamic, and how you may maintain littles headspace authenticity while doing some very adult things. Bring an open mind and your curiosity!

Travis Wilson

BDSM and Personal Journeys
It is the Journey not the Destination. How many times we have heard that, and never is it more true than in the world of BDSM. Many of us came into this world for the excitement, the fun, the eroticism, the danger, the edge. What we so often found was a series of growth opportunities, rites of passage, rituals, moments and experiences that changed our lives. Come talk about your journey, share it with others. Where you started and where you have come. What you have learned and where you want to go. I will talk about a lot of mine, the fun ones, the moving ones, the painful and emotional ones. Those are the ones that helped me learn and grow. Come share yours and let’s grow together.

Blood Play
Blood play. Blood passion. Blood lust. Not just seeing blood as a byproduct of a scene to be carefully cleaned off, but having the blood as the focal point of your scene to be kissed and licked and loved. Going a bit beyond sane sometimes. Focusing on the HEAT, focusing on the intimacy. Cover yourself and your partner. Feel them, taste them. Smell them. Think of sex without condoms but more heat. It is THAT feeling we want.
This is not a safety class or a “learn to pierce class”. Yes, we will touch on safety, because we are playing with serious amounts of blood. But this is not where to come for beginning blood knowledge. We will pierce and cut, but this may not be the class to attend to learn to pierce and cut. This class is about the passion of playing with blood. Through cutting with knives and scalpels. Through piercing. Through vampire gloves. Through blood cupping.
Come and share your ideas. Let’s learn together how to make these scenes about bonding and connection and sex and not about technique.

Mindfucks 101
One of the most common forms of BDSM is Mindfucks. We do them by themselves. We combine them with other forms of play. Think knife play, interrogations, and so many others. For some Bottoms, nothing compares to the excitement and fear brought on by a good Mindfuck. What are Mindfucks? How do we plan them, from the most simple to the most complex? How do we “get consent” for something the Bottom does not even know is going to happen? How to we execute our plan that “says” we are doing one thing, when we are actually doing something else? How about after care? And really important, like a magician, how to we handle the “reveal”. How do we tell the Bottom what was really happening? And are there times that it is better to keep our magic tricks secret and not reveal what was really happening?


Art of the Scene
So much of the satisfying stuff we do is really about the connections we make with people and those connections can be forged in conversation, in d/s interactions, and in s/m scenes. But they’re not obvious. You can’t *see* them in the way you can see a caning style, or the way you can see the path of a blade.

In this class, we’ll talk about the art of a scene — not just how to hit someone. Our goal is in fostering the connection between top and bottom so as to make a scene and not just a play session. We’ll talk about different ways to forge this connection and keep it. Bring your questions, ideas, suggestions and stories as this is meant to be a place to share, rather than a lecture.

Rope in kink isn’t always about the rope. Some would argue that it’s not about the rope at all. In this class, you’ll learn one cuff-style tie. Then you’ll learn how to create an incredible scene using just a single bundle of rope. Ichinawa, also known as “connective rope,” is the art of One Rope. At its base, it is about creating a bond between the top and bottom. The rope is simply a tool of communication for that connection. If you’ve never tied before (and even if you have!), this will be an ideal class to discover how to use rope to create intimacy between you and your partner. It’s hot and it’s sexy!
If you attend, please bring a partner. Lookie-loos are discouraged. This class is a hands-on, get-involved sort of class. It’s suggested that partners feel comfortable with each other. It’s not necessary that they be intimate or in a relationship. You will also need a 30ft coil of rope and, if possible, something to put under you on the floor — a yoga mat, a throw blanket, whatever. It’s recommended that you attend the Art of the Scene class directly before this one, though not required. Lastly, bring an open mind and a relaxed attitude. We’re going to have hot, sexy fun!

D/s Dynamics in Poly Relationships
Power dynamic relationships can be challenging.
Poly relationships can be challenging.

What happens when you put them together? This class will be a discussion of different ways to do poly in conjunction with a power dynamic relationship. There is no one way to do either of those types of relationships, so knowing of different ways these relationships work for others gives us more options to create relationships in which we can thrive.

Personal Responsibility in Kink
BDSM play (whether physical, mental, or emotional) requires trust, first and foremost. After trust, it requires consent.
Trust and consent are built on a foundation of personal responsibility, both in the top and in the bottom. What does “personal responsibility” mean? What does it look like? How do we foster it? And how do we lead by example?
While the conversation around personal responsibility can be a difficult one in the wake of things gone wrong, this is about concentrating on the conversation before things might go wrong.
This is a skill set that goes beyond BDSM play and relationships. Understanding and accepting personal responsibility (and knowing the boundaries of it) extends to all of one’s life, so it is an excellent skill set to learn.

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