Classes for Homecoming, 2018


Rowan Calyx

Hand in Glove: The intimacy of vaginal fisting (instructional workshop and demo)
Few sexual or kinky acts are as intrinsically intimate as that of fisting, in this case vaginal
fisting. We will take a look at the allure of fisting from the perspectives of both the giver and the receiver, debunk some of the common myths, talk technique, and address safety concerns.
Attendees will learn how to troubleshoot some of the challenges that may be present, opening
up a world of possibilities. Come dive hands first into the ecstatic bliss of vaginal fisting!

The Anatomy of Desire: Negotiation for transgender kinksters and those who want to
play with them (discussion-based workshop)

Much more than a standard negotiation class! This will be an exploration of the issues
transgender kinksters, of whichever flavor, their partners, and the entire kink community
together face while transcending perceived gender binaries and boundaries. We will discuss
the importance of being “seen in scene,” practical issues around terminology anatomy, as well
as concerns for partners, whether cis or trans, of the transgender player. In addition to scene
negotiation, we will cover how D/s dynamics can be truly dynamic during transitions, and much

The Tantric Body and Kink: Exploring the Energetic for Intensified Power Exchange,
Sensation, and Connection (instructional workshop with attendee participation)

Do you remember a moment, during a physically or emotionally intimate time, where you have
encountered connection on another, more expansive level with yourself or the person you
were with? Do you want to be able to access this intimacy consciously, when you choose?
This ecstatic, energetic connection can be available to you when you are aware of your own
sexual energy, can direct that energy, and gain a sense of freedom necessary to maximize joy
and pleasure in your life.
In this workshop, we will explore how the full use of our bodies, breath, and conscious
awareness can orchestrate intensely intimate scenes and relationships. As we discover our
personal experience of our own power, the energetic roles we play, whether in scene or power
dynamic, become magnified. We will also look at the energy centers, or chakras, in our bodies
as access points for specific emotional experiences that can guide our scenes and sexual
This workshop is open to singles, couples, and moresomes of all genders and orientations. If
you are coming without a partner, you will be asked to pair up with another attendee for some
exercises. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion, or “zafu” to sit on. Your full participation is
crucial in this workshop as we will go through various guided meditations, and touch and
movement exercises.

Travis Williams

Beyond the Edge: How far is too far and what are my responsibilities as an ethical top AND as an ethical bottom.

In this lecture style class, I will be talking about things that have gone horridly awry and what ethics I hold. We do some fucked up shit, how do we handle it and what are our responsibilities as tops and bottoms including medical bills and long term physical or emotional consequences. How to think though things that might go wrong and how to handle things that no one saw coming. This class may be very intense so please be thoughtful about seeing to your own needs and possible triggers.

Military Play

Woof! While offering an overview of uniforms, and some history about the U.S military ties in the kink and leather communities, we will discuss various types of intimidation play such as forced exercise, barracks life, interrogations and military punishment.  This class is a participatory class and you will help guide the discussion. Bring your own knowledge and explore things you may have been wondering about with us.

BDSM is sooo serious: how to have fun in a scene

While there are times and places for serious, energy raising or energy lowering, spiritual and cathartic scenes, how do you build a fun, laughter filled, silly scene? What about when it feels like laughter and playful connection is actively discouraged? In this class, I will be covering teasing, light hearted, connected scene building.


Embracing your inner Humiliation Slut:
Erotic humiliation and degradation is a complex, creative and compelling form of BDSM.
Considered edge play for some and integral to D/s for others, this topic is ripe for exploration.
As bottoms, how do we find the sweet spot where we can walk through the dark alleyways of
our desires and come out on the other side sated and rejuvenated. How do we come to terms
with any guilt or confusion attached to this often-taboo form of play and clarify what is erotic for us? How do we find ways to satisfy the hunger of our Tops without losing bits and pieces of
ourselves to the gnashing teeth?
This class will explore our motivations around humiliation play and discuss communication,
boundary setting, negotiation and after care.

Negotiation for “bad” bottoms
Are you an ‘s’ type that either has bad boundaries or your kink is such that negotiation is a
serious buzz kill? Do you lean towards consensual non-consent dynamics, or get off on having
your boundaries challenged or stomped on? Do you prefer to dive into the dark waters and deal
with the consequences later? If you related to some or all of these but still want to keep yourself intact, happy and ready for more, then this is the class for you.
Suitable for those of all levels of experience.

When WRONG feels so Right – going deeper with erotic taboo play
So, you know you get off on the taboo and maybe you already practice “depraved” kink. In this
class, we will go to that next level and delve into some of the topics for the less queasy. We will
discuss, empower, encourage, brainstorm and depending on the group, maybe practice. We will cover finding partners, ideas on how to engage your kink and possible considerations. It will be a delightful coming together of deviants.


Bad Ideas

If “what the hell is wrong with you?” is your idea of seduction, you’ll get along just fine in this class. Rapid fire demonstrations (with audience participation!) of one terrible idea after another, that can help push a scene from intense to terrifying, or serious to ridiculous. Xanthine will go over bad ideas that turned out to be actually bad ideas, and bad ideas that have become favorites. +10 to creativity, -10 to sanity.

Trigger Warning

This class is for the dark, perverted, shadowy corners of your brain. Each person’s unique psychology influences their stress reactions, perceptions of fear, and emotional responses to stimuli. We will explore how to mold environmental factors to heighten and accentuate those individual perceptions, and discuss the subtle, tricky knack of negotiation for fear play. We’ll get into methods we can use to identify, assess, and manipulate fear, conflict, and strain for physiological response and emotional release.

Switch Fight

Switches are tricky beasts. How do you decide who plays which role? How do switches in a long-term relationship continue to get their needs met? What are the stereotypes around switches and how do we dismantle them?

Join _So_it_goes_ and Xanthine for a series of anecdotes, demos, and examples of how two switches can play with each other, how to switch mid-scene, switch games, getting your needs met as a bottom while still being a fierce top, and how to feed your top creature while still submitting as a bottom.

Susuwatari and Lady Lyonene

Breaking down and understanding Hip Harnesses

(Pre-requisite: Knowledge of a single column tie) This class will help students understand the mechanics behind and purposes of each part of a hip harness. From the first single column to the last lock off, each step of a basic hip harness will be broken down and explained so that students will be able to understand the whys behind the step. Students will learn Susuwatari’s hip harness as part of this class to facilitate learning. Questions on the mechanics of other harnesses and advanced techniques may be included as time allows.

Understanding Body Positive Bondage

This class takes traditional ties and teaches safe accommodations that can be used for all body types (hyper flexible, no flexibility, bigger bodies, disabled, etc.). Accommodations/adjustments needed for suspensions will be addressed, but not demonstrated

Hurt So Good: Sadistic Ties, Partial Suspension and a Happy Masochist – Intermediate+

This hands-on class will teach students several sadistic ties that will make a masochist very happy. This class is for intermediate level students or above and with a working knowledge of suspension uplines. With the use of pressure points, partial suspensions and rope, students will enjoy going to the next level with some painful ties, interesting predicaments and lots of fun.

In Scene Communication

This class is can be adapted to all forms of play, not just rope, but teaches students how to more effectively communicate during a scene through verbal and non-verbal means.

Stranger Friend

Practical Rope Fundamentals

Want to tie your partner up for sex? For decorative purposes? Or do you want to learn how to elaborately suspend them? Whatever your reasons are for being interested in learning rope, having a Single Column Tie and a Basic Chest Harness in your rope toolkit can lead to endless rope-y possibilities. This class offers a slow-paced, approachable introduction to these two fundamental ties. Participants will walk away with a solid understanding of each tie, will learn various uses and possibilities for each tie, and will be able to confidently start tying as soon as tonight’s dungeon party (or earlier)! Any level of experience is very welcome.

“Left-Brained” Connective Rope

Don’t like improvising? Find comfort in planning ahead? This class explores an alternative strategy for cultivating emotional connection in a rope scene. Unlike many connective* rope classes, this one does not focus on improvisation, but rather on learning how to create a personalized rope “sequence” to find emotional satisfaction with a partner.

*”Connective rope” does not necessarily mean sensual or intimate rope. All styles of enjoying emotional satisfaction with your partner are welcome.

Minimalistic Sadistic Rope
Sadism doesn’t need to be complicated. Your “hurty” tool of choice should enhance the experience for you and your bottom, not slow you down. This class covers minimalistic ways to cause a partner pain using rope as a tool, with the intention of using rope techniques that won’t distract you from your sadistic goals.

Amber Garland

Dungeon Etiquette 101

If you are new to the kink scene, here are some pointers for playing well with others.  How to approach people, how to be a courteous voyeur, how to find what you’re looking for.

Artistic Cutting

The art of cutting and cutting as art.  Safety, materials and general description of artistic cutting, including suggested points of collaboration between the artist and the bearer of the design.  There will be examples of different scalpels and materials, a demonstration cutting, time for questions and input from other participants, and brief hands-on mentoring – of a practice cutting. If you wish to try cutting or receiving a cutting you must bring your own partner. This is blood play and requires agreements about health and possible permanent markings.

Bondage 101

Whether for sensation or to keep someone in place or position, bondage can be a scene by itself or an addition to any scene.  Why do people do this?  What are some of the safety concerns?  How can we do basic bondage that is effective and visually pleasing?  Simple ways to use rope, cuffs, household materials and specialty items to create effective bondage. Lecture, brief demonstration, time for questions and time for practice – bring your own partner and rope or other materials.

Cat Maverick

Genital Play Piercing

The how and where of piercing bits! Pretty self-explanatory, but NOT a beginner’s class. This one is edge play kids! Vulvas or cocks and balls or both! Where and how to place needles. What is safe, what you should never do. All the crazy.

You want to put that WHERE?

Discover sounds and sounding play. Explore the many delights of sounding play on the urethras of both penis enabled and vulva bearing urethra’s – sounding is fun for everyone! This class will cover basic safety and clean / sterilization techniques for sounds, types of sounds, as well as techniques for sounding anyone that has a urethra. Urethral play is generally pleasurable for all genders and is safe and exciting when done cleanly and with care. We can also cover safe catheterization for both sexes and discuss the fun that can be had by removing your bottoms control and decision-making abilities around urination.

Walk the Edge: how to enjoy the fear and control that is breath play and probably not kill anyone.

A risk aware class covering the basics of safer breath play. Negotiating consent and risk analysis for this kind of intense play. How to incorporate it into a simple scene. How to play with primal fear. Bagging, fear, restraints, blood chokes, safe signals will be covered. Discussion of the very real risks and hazards and how to best mitigate them.



“PharmaKinkology” is for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of how certain prescription medications may affect play/scenes. During this class, we will cover everything from blood pressure to diabetes medications. First, we will explore how a medication works and then take a look into how it may or may not cause problems for us during play. We will also discuss some ethical dilemmas that are likely to occur with certain types of prescription medications as they relate to consent.


STDs & STIs—What Do You HAVE to Know to Make Informed Decisions?

There is a lot of mis- and dis-information still around about sexually transmitted diseases and infections that could make a HUGE difference in what you consent to, how your consent, and how you choose to play.

FemDom: Finding Your Feminine Leadership Style

There is a lot online and in print about domination, mostly male-oriented, because, let’s face it, there are more of them than us. There is still a lot about femdom out there, too, though. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of that is actually written by men, too, being over-sexualized and fantastical. This class is about the real deal. How to find YOUR perfect balance of hot, sexy, tough, firm, loving, sweet, and whatever else you want to throw in the pot. Based on my series of Women in Charge books (available directly, posting on Amazon Soon).

Cuckolding for Couples

Cuckolding is a hot trend online these days, but is it a viable kink? I’ll give an enthusiastic YES! Not only is it a fun fetish for cuck and cuckoldress, but it actually enhances intimacy, love, creativity and fun in your relationship. Based on my popular 2 1/2-month online course, this class covers setting ground rules, finding a bull, creating an amazing cuckolding relationship and troubleshooting.


Dancing with Flame – Fireplay

Fireplay is definitely edge play, for anything with fire is implicitly dangerous. But I have found that fireplay has a sensual eroticism and art to it that so many can relate to. Who among us hasn’t sat transfixed gazing into a fires light. And to feel and witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. Both technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will be gone over in this class. Even if you might not think it’s quite your thing, you might be surprised by the sensual beauty and artistry of the flame.

Suck You – Introduction to Fire Cupping.

What is fire cupping? It’s actually an ancient oriental healing method that some have perverted for fun (I know, you’re shocked!) The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I will go over and demonstrate most of the techniques of cupping as well as placement of the cups. A warning to those who want to try the cups; I can ALMOST promise you that you will have marks that will last between several hours to several days (and in some cases, several weeks).

Fire Flogging

What the hell was that?!? A common question when the fire floggers come out to play. What is fire flogging? It is quite simply the most flashy thing allowed in most dungeons….and frequently not allowed. It is taking specially made floggers, dunking them unto a fuel mixture, lighting them on fire and using them like a regular flogger…. I can assure you there is NOTHING regular about this!!

Robert Dante

Let’s Get Cracking! — Whips 101

The Basics, getting a Good Foundation, Learning How to Learn, Commonly Encountered Problems and How to Solve Them.

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor

How to increase the likelihood of successful and safe bullwhip scenes without sacrificing intensity or enjoyability, based on Dante’s years in the Scene as a BDSM and in the mainstream world as a professional bullwhip artist. Know the risks so you can make the smart choices!

Fine Tuning Your Whips

Optimizing whips for better performance — crackers, falls, conditioning, storing, repairs, elements of good whip repair bags, and more.

Team Fluffy

BDSM the Native Way: Rituals and Spirituality

Life often becomes very busy, even cluttered, with day-to-day obligations as well as working toward improving our relationships and reaching our personal goals regarding careers, self-improvement, and fulfillment. As we work toward improving ourselves in several ways, our spirituality is often neglected. Spirituality is NOT synonymous with organized religion though many feed their spiritual needs this way. It is absolutely necessary to nurture our spirituality if we hope to become whole human beings capable of enjoying all that life has to offer. In this workshop your spiritual needs will be addressed in a way that reconciles these needs with the lifestyle that beings many of us such inner fulfillment. Stormmy is a Native American that is living the way of his people and ancestors. He will take you through his journey walking the “Red Road” of BDSM with slave Nichole by his side. Discussion will include Rituals and how valuable these Rituals can be to any relationship. This will be a sharing group, everyone will be encouraged to share and have a chance to do so if they wish. Come and experience a completely new approach to spirituality that is accepting of your whole self!

Stapling for Decoration and More

This class will cover the fun that can be had with staple guns. Medical staples can be used in a variety of ways and we will show you some of our favorites. We will start by discussing the different types of staple guns and where to order them. Proper use and removal will be covered, as well as good areas on the body to start with. Stapling can be used for decoration and we will show you how to make corsets and other designs that could be worn at a party or event. They are also great for bondage and predicament play and we will share some ideas with you. Sensitive areas will be covered including facial and lip stapling and stapling for chastity. There will be live demonstration and opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.

The Crimson Splatter, Blood Play on the Edge

Blood is a powerful fluid, capable of life and disease. It is an intense way to connect with your partner and bring your play to a new level.

How do you get the blood? We will show you how to collect blood through phlebotomy and cupping, and how to prevent it from coagulating. We will give you some ideas on what to do with it once you have it and show you a few ways we enjoy it.

How to make a mess… Blood splatter with impact play will be demonstrated. We will show you some great ways to get the blood flying. There is nothing quite like the feeling of raining blood.

Don’t forget the needles, hooks and scalpels. There are lots of fun ways to play in your blood with those as well. We will share some of our ideas with you.

This will be an interactive class with plenty of chances to ask questions and exchange ideas. Not a class for the squeamish.

Bitches Get Stitches

Suture play can be so much fun but requires skill and tools that not everyone has. We will show you many alternative ways to sew with more common materials and less skills required. You can learn and practice same day with just a few supplies. We will show you how to sew for predicament play, how to sew things on to people and even sew people together. Fun with stretchy cord and other non-traditional materials will also be covered. Come and be creative and have some fun! We can also cover real suturing for those who are interested.

The Science of BDSM Research Team

Bottoming to the Universe

Extreme rituals take place in many different contexts and cultures. This talk will explore the reasons why people would choose to engage in extreme rituals, including altered states of consciousness, social bonding, and self-discovery. We will also discuss the parallels between the effects of extreme rituals and BDSM activities.

Why We Hunger for Hurt

This presentation will discuss the theoretical motivations for sadism and masochism. It will also present empirical research which has investigated sadism in the general population using different measures (both survey and experimental). We would also like to solicit ideas from the audience about how best to study sadism in the kink community.

Living in a Goldfish Bowl (Struggling from the Inside Out: Dealing with Stereotypes)

This presentation will present data on the stereotypes and discrimination experiences that BDSM practitioners face. It will also discuss the ways in which the stereotypes of BDSM practitioners contrast with the a) evidence investigating demographic characteristics, and b) kinky people’s perception of the benefits they receive from being a part of a community. The other part of this workshop will be soliciting the audience’s feedback about the actions people can take to help dispel stereotypes.


Make Me a Masochist: Changing Your Relationship with Pain

For many bottoms, how much they can suffer through – and how much they enjoy it – become points of insecurity. The bad news is that masochism cannot be taught; pain management, however, can. This class will discuss mental and physical processing/conditioning techniques regarding multiple forms of pain. We will move through the anatomy of a scene, starting with a participation-based scene warm-up lesson (come dressed to stretch!) We’ll discuss techniques for preparing emotionally, strategies to process pain, ways to take care of your body when not playing (including why we do or don’t get bruises (and what to do about them if we don’t want them), and best practices in communicating with partners after the fact.

Balancing Service Against a Busy Life

So, you want to be a service submissive… and you also want to work or study full-time, see your friends, write a novel, and maybe sleep sometimes. Getting your life organized is hard enough, but how do you get it organized in a way that prioritizes someone else’s needs as much (if not more) than your own? This class is designed to help you create a better physical planning system (based on the Bullet Journal concept) and will discuss everything from general scheduling strategies to dealing with the emotional (and physical) stress to quick and dirty techniques for getting through your tasks faster. And of course, there’s the daunting idea of admitting you need help when it gets overwhelming…

Bottoming for Consensual NonConsent

They say that the most common fantasy is the rape fantasy. Millions of people dream about being overpowered, outwitted, and pushed past their breaking point. But when it comes to reality, what are you actually getting yourself into? In this class, vahavta, s-type in a 24/7 CNC relationship, will talk about some of the great and terrible parts of CNC — including such topics as how to negotiate “out,” playing with triggers, evaluating when a scene needs to stop, and dealing with cognitive dissonance (“did I really want that?”) in drop. This class will explore the mental and physical considerations and contingency plans needed to enter a CNC environment, as well as practical skills for decreasing your own risk as a bottom in a CNC scene or full-time relationship.

Pre-Play Stretching

This is a workshop that lead participants through warm-ups that will actively aid them in their scenes that night. information on pain and headspace management will be shared between stretches. Designed for all bodies.

Wicked Wanda


CBT/CBF stands for Cock n Ball Torture/Cock n Ball Fun. We will talk about safety and explore from extreme to light CBT.

The class will be divided in 2 parts starting with the more intense CBT.

  1. Cock and ball safety- precautions and a brief anatomy lesson on the male pelvic area.
  2. Fun implements, simple ties and predicament bondage for the cock and balls.
  3. Hand and Feet action- How to safely and effectively hit the cock and ball area.

CBF can be used for Dominants or Tops who have submissives or play partners with low pain tolerance but who still want to explore having their pelvic area played with or, sensual players who like to focus more on sensation than on pain. CBF is also a great tool for teaching younger submissives/bottoms about their cocks and the sensations it has.

We will explore how to play with the area by creating a more edge play sensation bordering on slight discomfort, but with an emphasizes on pleasure and exploration of the cock and ball area.

One-night spanks- Safely cruising in the dungeon

Cruising is sometimes seen as a negative in our Lifestyle due to “lack of connection and communication”. What a lot of people don’t understand is that Cruising can be fun and can sometimes lead to lifelong relationships! In this class we will discuss how to approach and engage someone you have never met in either a play party or weekend event. We will discuss negotiating on the fly, how to negotiate in a Gender fluid world, safety, and discuss pointers for approaching others when you are an introvert. This will be an interactive, fun class and we will go through scenarios together!

Pegging for Big Beautiful People

You would love to peg, your partner is dying for you to do it but none of the straps fit you, it’s difficult to maneuver it and how am I supposed to move my hips? What if your partner is a person of size who would love to be pegged? We will discuss and give examples on what alternatives are out there, poses that are easier on the back and don’t require too much flexibility, gentle stretches and exercises to help you loosen up and ds to help achieve great penetration. We will also talk about lubes, stretching the culo for ease of play, how to get the play area ready for all the delightful action and what things to do in advance to aftercare your partner and you when the action is over. Bring your questions and let’s have fun!

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