Classes for Spring Break, 2020


AMischeifManaged & kajiraSelene


Power Exchange and Relationship Intensive: The tools to build something healthy and fulfilling.

There’s nothing quite like being proud to belong to person you serve and there’s nothing quite like knowing that the person serving you will follow you to the ends of the earth.  This class will present you the tools and strategies we personally use to create deep, meaningful, fulfilling relationships with the people that matter to us the most.

Communication and Intimacy Intensive

Navigating the waters seems so simple and easy until we hit the turbulent waves of miscommunication and misunderstanding.  This class will present the tools we use to work through our own communication mishaps and what we do to reduce misunderstandings between us.  As well as how they can be used to build a space for each of us to embrace and express our own uniqueness.

The Power Exchange Roadmap: Our journey from the first “hello” to our current Master/slave relationship.

While some may preach that there is only one way to do things, I find that there are endless ways of going about the journey in a healthy way.  In this class we will share how broad the range and definitions of the words we commonly use in power exchange as well as how we have defined our own journey

Understanding the “why” of Depersonalization, Dehumanization, Objectification, Degradation, and Humiliation

Knowing “why” a person loves these spaces can be a doorway to a new sense of depth and appreciation for those spaces.  It can allow a person to create a more diverse experience for everyone involved.  Knowing what these spaces can do can also help create a space for a person to overcome some of their deepest insecurities, doubts, and fears.  In this class we will define some of these spaces, but more importantly, share some of the reasons why people enjoy these spaces in the first place.

Ann-Marie & Fraggle

What is a Partner?

Over time, intimate relationships build into structures that define our daily experience of the world. This class discusses the ways that all such relationships – asexual/sexual, kinky/vanilla, monogamous/non-monogamous, queer/straight, etc. – benefit from explicitly defining and communicating roles and responsibilities. The content includes suggestions for implementing clearer communication and healthier frameworks to talk about needs and wants in intimate contexts.

Loving Failure When Humiliation Is Not Your Kink

It’s like sex and money – nobody talks about it and we’re socialized to be ashamed of it. It’s how we learn. It’s how we infer learning and *intelligence* in non-human animals (ferchristsake!) Ann-Marie and Fraggle will talk about why you should be okay with failing, learning to deal with failure, and how to negotiate and structure planned failure for the betterment of your life and relationships.

Practicing Consent Even Though It’s Never Going to be perfect

It’s a hot topic and complex. You’ll never be perfect but thinking and talking about it leads to better practices. Fraggle and Ann-Marie will walk you through the basics of asking for and providing informed, enthusiastic consent for sexual and non-sexual contact in a variety of scenarios.


Choking Ties: Breathing Is Optional

BDSLR’s favorite type of tie is the tie that doesn’t require a lot of breathing.  After all, you’ve been doing it all day, so why not take a short break?  In this class, BDSLR will begin by going over the risks and safety concerns of breath play with rope (because safety definitely first) and then continue by showing attendees four different choking/breath play-based ties.

Ethical Negotiating from a Place of Privilege

Whether you have power, privilege, a desired skill set, your own play space, or host small gatherings, there are important concepts to consider not only in how you negotiate but also how you ask and receive requests to kink with someone.  Join BDSLR as he talks about his style of negotiating from a place of privilege as a white, cis, heterosexual passing male in the kink community, and how his methods and concerns have changed over the past few years.

Rope is Scary.  Let’s Do Rope!

In this discussion-based class, BDSLR will go over all the things he discusses when navigating tying someone new to him, especially from his place of privilege.  Nerve damage, unavoidable marks, or limits may be the beginning but what about consent, intention, aftercare and (especially) disaster planning?  Where will the tie happen?  What will the tie entail?  And when adding photography to rope, there’s even more to consider, such as nudity, identifiable jewelry, tattoos, and whether face photos are okay!  What is done with the photos afterward should be its own important consideration.  And of course, even when, where, and how you have these discussions with a new rope partner should be considered.

Carter Brûlée

Fucking With Gender

Gender is a complex and multifaceted construct. There are so many aspects from gender identity, to gender presentation, and gender expression, before we even get into the societal contributions and gender roles and expectations. This class focuses on the many diverse ways you can play with gender in kink. Whether you are hoping to explore alternative presentations, affirm someone’s identity, embarrass them, or play with darker things like gender dysphoria, this discussion-based class explores the many facets of gender play and discusses negotiation considerations, strategies for fucking with gender in your play.

Beyond the What: Play with Intention

People play for a variety of reasons beyond the physicality of the act; oftentimes, we are looking to enter a specific headspace and sense a particular emotion: playfulness, catharsis, distraction, or something else altogether.  This class is designed to encourage you to think beyond the actions that may happen in a scene and including consideration for the atmosphere and tone of the scene. Carter will discuss ways to set scenes to help create a specific tone, demonstrate what these things might look like, and give everyone in the class the opportunity to practice.

Get Switchy With It: Navigating play dynamics as a switch With Kinkerbelle

Dynamics in kink are often thought of as bottom and top, dominant and submissive, sadist and masochist. But what happens when both partners are switches? How do you set scenes and have play that fulfills each person? How do you negotiate and set boundaries around role switching? This workshop focuses on creating dynamics and navigating play between switches. We will discuss strategies for negotiating dynamics and play as well as role transitions. The class is meant to provide things to think about in your own negotiations and play as well as be a venue to share your ideas with others!


Dark Drift 

Rope For Non-Riggers

Is your new partner a rope bunny and you feel a bit fumbly trying to keep up? Do you want to “get to the good stuff” faster and want some tips? Rope bondage can be awfully intimidating from the outside but I promise – YOU CAN DO IT! We teach a variety of basic rope forms with intention. It isn’t necessary to know a bunch of fancy knots to have a lot of fun and versatility in rope. Basic safety, anatomy, equipment, negotiation will be covered.

Kink In Pregnancy

You do not have to give up your lifestyle during pregnancy! This class goes over common states and differences intended to empower people with the tools to be risk aware during pregnancy. Issues like physical safety, stress mitigation, and aftercare will be discussed.

All Things Fire!

Does the thought of lighting people on fire fill you with kinky glee? This is the class for you! This class will go over tools, equipment, and processes to safely engage with fire from the top or the bottom.

Elly Higginbottom

Yoga for Better Kinking – Prepare (Sat AM)

A high energy yoga practice to prep the brain for learning and body for play. This class will incorporate yoga postures geared towards kink practitioners. Both the physical and mental elements of yoga practice can complement, enhance and inform our kink practice. Flexibility, core strength and body awareness help keep us all safer whether we are topping, bottoming or somewhere in between.  All body types and experience levels are welcome. Clothing is optional; practice in whichever state of dress (or undress) that makes you most comfortable.

Yoga for Better Kinking – Restore (Sun AM)

A slower, restorative yoga practice to help ease you into the day and back to the real world. This class will include a short, gentle flow to get the body moving (producing endorphins that can help with drop), restorative postures to stretch stiff muscles and breathing exercises to quiet the mind. All experience levels are welcome and clothing is optional. Bring a rolled up towel (or two) for extra support. This class does not require attendance at the previous day’s class.

Breath Beyond Play

“Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance” – Moshe Feldenkrais

When we think about breath and kink, our minds often go straight to breath play and stop there. However, breathing cements connection, helps us process pain and reveals our physical and emotional state. As bottoms, controlling your breath can make the difference between struggle and acceptance. As tops, monitoring the breath of your bottom provides opportunity for greater connection and aggression. This class will cover basic anatomy of breathing and several ways the breath can be integrated with different types of play. It will include breathing exercises that can help build awareness and decrease anxiety.


Touch and Intention

Touch is one of the main ways we communicate in our daily interactions and it is especially important in our play. With touch, you can convey both simple and complex messages. You can make someone feel warm and fuzzy, scared out of their minds, or confused. In this class, we will break down the many aspects of this powerful tool and the various ways you can use it. Through discussion and practice we will explore the who, what, when, where, why, and how of touch in play. Please bring a partner as well as a few pieces of rope.

Disconnection 101: Abandonment and Isolation

All of us have been left feeling worse for wear when we feel a disconnect from our partners. And some may think abandonment and isolation are exclusively negative, but this class focuses on how we can purposefully engage our partners in these kinds of interactions and make it meaningful. We will be looking at disconnection as an edgier form of play and how to approach and incorporate it in scenes. It doesn’t have to be all bad, come and find out how we can turn this intimidating form of play into a positive and intentional experience.

Get Switchy With It: Navigating play dynamics as a switch With Carter Brûlée

Dynamics in kink are often thought of as bottom and top, dominant and submissive, sadist and masochist. But what happens when both partners are switches? How do you set scenes and have play that fulfills each person? How do you negotiate and set boundaries around role switching? This workshop focuses on creating dynamics and navigating play between switches. We will discuss strategies for negotiating dynamics and play as well as role transitions. The class is meant to provide things to think about in your own negotiations and play as well as be a venue to share your ideas with others!


Painful Prerequisites

If painful rope of any sort is on the negotiating table, there are important bottoming concepts regarding pain and pain processing that bottoms should be aware of!  How do you determine between good pain and bad pain?  How do you, as a bottom process pain?  How can you use your body awareness to protect yourself from damage or injury?  What do you know about different rope ties and what they can do, both in regards to pain and injury?  This discussion-based class will attempt to cover some “painful prerequisites” for better bottom awareness and understanding when doing sadistic rope.

Theoretical Topping (From the Bottom): A Class by Rope Bottoms, for Rope Tops!

Ever wonder how some rope tops have picked up their little tricks of the trade?  Feeling curious about their flow with their tying partners?  Need to know you’re maybe not alone in some of your feels?  This class is all about the things you, as a rope top, may not know or have noticed, but your rope bottoms definitely do!  Ode2Joy will let you in on some of the secrets rope bottoms have for helping their tops reach the next level in tying, whatever that looks like for each individual.  She’ll address rope handling, connection, ways to find inspiration, and encouragement for when you get stuck!

Powerful Bottoming: Building Your Bottoming “House”

This class is a step by step exercise for both new and experienced bottoms into building a metaphorical bottoming “house.”  Class attendees will follow along with Ode2Joy as she walks them through building their “identification foundations” (including biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual attraction), their “framework” (including personality factors), and other fun house building metaphors that address communication styles, physical and mental awareness, positions on D/s and masochism spectrums (among others), hard and soft limits, and how this all ties together to build a bottom’s “house.”


Talk Dirty Like A Phone Whore – let’s add a layer of sensation to your sexy times by using that pretty mouth of yours in a new way: to talk! The industry average phone sex call is estimated to be 6 minutes, but my average was 21 minutes, so I know a thing or two about talking dirty.  We’ll discuss types of sexy speak, how to negotiate it, how to semi-mimic, how to escalate, how to gauge partner reaction, and how to handle going non-verbal. I’ll share what I know, and then a few brave volunteers can practice together!

Cathartic and/or Group Scenes – scenes which are emotionally or logistically complicated require their own considerations. Many of us crave more than just a series of physical sensations in our play; sometimes you want to get beaten until you cry, or feel so overwhelmed by loving touch that you melt away into a puddle of bliss. Or maybe you want to safely invite a series of strangers to give you birthday spankings, or invite an entire event to play together! We’ll discuss how to design and negotiate scenes with these types of intense goals, emphasizing how to plan and structure a complex scene so all participants clearly understand their role and expectations, as well as come up with scene ideas together!

Kink Etiquette, Safety, and Negotiation Basics – an interactive facilitated discussion about the basics of safety and negotiations. Where should I avoid impact? What helps keep rope bondage safer? How do I talk with a potential play partner before we play? What are expectations at most events and parties? Strongly recommended for newcomers to the scene, but welcome for anyone who wants a refresher.

Skyla and RopeRider


Dynamic Rope: Intimacy In Motion (Co-Taught with RopeRider)
You have learned various ties but how can you bring those ties into your most passionate moments? How do you seamlessly integrate rope play into your time with your partner, both in and out of the bedroom?  During this lab-type workshop, we will demonstrate a variety of ways to bring rope into your bedroom without letting rope take the starring role. There will also be the opportunity to share challenges and use the class to come up with creative solutions. This workshop will focus on floorwork and is most appropriate to attend with a partner.

Flirting for the Socially Awkward 

On Fetlife, Ok Cupid and various other social networking sites, creepers are a commonality.  They send graphic and unsolicited messages, they don’t read profiles, and they make inappropriate assumptions.  Many of us can agree on this.  However, what about the well-intended folks that might be slightly socially awkward, shy, or otherwise unsure how to not come off as the dreaded “creepy” person.  We will investigate questions such as: “how do I get invited to play parties and keep getting invited back?” And “Why do “nice” messages sometimes go unanswered?” During this session, attendees will learn appropriate and respect ways of approaching, negotiating and interacting with fellow kinksters. We will refine our current techniques while having a good laugh over some of the missteps we’ve all made. In addition, we will practice drafting messages that may get a positive response and appropriate munch/non-play party event behavior and how to guide new attendees or yourself into this direction.

Say it to my face: Resolving Conflicts 

Conflict is a part of life. For some, conflict makes their blood run cold.  Social Media sites have added an additional challenge to effective and healthy conflict resolution by allowing people to communicate without face-to-face interaction.  We will ease some of our frustration and anxiety about conflict during this class but learning basic counseling techniques to show active listening, respect and appreciation during a conflict. We will learn about destructive communication practices and how you can work rehab yourself and help others to do the same. Attendees will walk away with real life examples and potential solutions to common communication pitfalls that are sure to make navigating the waters of our vibrant community more accessible.

Slow Down – Exploring the Sensuous Side of Rope (Co-Taught with RopeRider)

In our desire to “do rope right,” we sometimes find ourselves lured away from the hot, erotic spark that first attracted us to rope bondage. In this class, we’re going to create fun, energetic, sexy experiences that will bring us back to the real reason most of us love rope bondage: connection. We’ll tap into our bodies and brains to create a kickass cocktail of sensual goodness, and you’ll leave with body/brain techniques you can use any time you want to go deeper in your rope play. This is a hands-on, interactive class, so partnered people will probably get more out of it.

Team Soup

Brutality: The sometimes-ugly truth of M/s

The prey is caught in the terrifying gaze of the fierce, violent and animalistic Beast. This is the tale of both the Beast and the prey. This class moves us well-beyond the core of rough body play and involves far more than the over-used and increasingly watered-down growl of primal play. We will explore the animalistic brutality of savagery.

This workshop isn’t for the faint of heart as it focuses on play that doesn’t follow the usual structure or rules of play.

Having fun fucking up bodies! or Why so serious!?

Beat or get beaten that is question…right? Sadomasochism is a beautiful multi spectrum way of expressing desires. From bare handed over the knee spanking to whips to floggers and then some really messed up and insanely fun stuff. Boring and lifeless play…who the hell has time for that! Let’s put on the ol’ thinking toque and explore making S/m fun again. Explore how energy, imagination and sometimes downright goofiness can lead to some of the best scenes

Head-Butts and Punches and Kicks…Oh My! And everything in between.

Sometimes you need to cast aside the toy bag and just get down to that basic guttural wonderfully animalistic type of play, the type of play where you use your brain and you body. But sometimes using yourself as an implement gets lost in the vast amounts of toys inhabiting O/our toy bags, W/we can forget that the bare hand, full contact no toy play can be use for so much more than spanking(although there is nothing wrong with a good bare handed spank).Your body, if used correctly, can induce such varied sensations from loving and supportive to vicious and brutal and all points in between.

Journey on the Bottom Side

What does it mean to be on the bottom side of the slash? Who are you and what do you actually seek? There are so many roles and opinions about them that it can be confusing to navigate. It can be easy to lose sight of your personal journey. Join me while we challenge traditional ides about bottoming, submission and slavery. Let’s talk about how to define what you seek, what actually fulfills your spirit and how to find roles and dynamics that support your path.

Travis Wilson & Wolfmoon

Bullwhip workshop Part 1

Noise, pain, passion, sensations of all kinds. From the gentle feel of leather wrapping around the body to harsh cracks resounding against skin, leaving marks as harsh as you dare, or kisses as gentle as a breeze. Single tails can take you all the way, however fast, and however hard you want. Loving and sensual, cruel and biting. Come learn the basics on what makes them work, how to use them safely, how to choose the style that works for you, how to practice, and how to play them in ways that excite both you and your partner.

Bullwhip workshop Part 2

You already know about the noise, pain, passion, head games and sensations of all kinds. You have heard about the fun, you have watched others play. Now it is your turn to actually learn how to do this stuff, how to crack that whip in the right way. How to play in safe but fun and exciting ways. Come join us. We will put whips in your hand. We will show you how easy it is to learn to crack the whips, and to play in ways that both you and your partner will love.

Knives and other sharp pointy things.

Blood and passion, light scratches, sensual sensations, fantasies and mind play, rites of passages and body modifications. All of this and much more. Sharp pointy objects can take us all the way in BDSM, from the most soft, sensual, romantic play, to the most heavy blood play. They can be all about S&M or they can be all about helping you in your own spiritual journey. Talons, knives, scalpels, bear claws, needles, teeth, finger nails, and so many more types of sharp objects.

Fisting how’s and Why’s

Through a lot of years of experimentation in sexuality and BDSM, NOTHING has moved me or touched me the way fisting does. It is romantic, sensual, bonding, connecting, dominating, submitting, power, surrender, love, and maybe much more. It is trust at an ultimate level. It is about feeling your Partner’s heart beat in a way you can only do THIS way. Come join us. Maybe learn; maybe share your own experiences and advice. Sure, we will talk safety issues. And the physical “how” issues. But mostly we will discuss the “whys “of this almost sacred act.  Maybe most importantly, my beloved and I will share with you this most intimate, most private, and most erotic adventure.


Humiliation Play Categories: The Why and How

Does hearing the word humiliation make you uncomfortable? Are you puzzled why someone would find humiliation erotic? Do you enjoy humiliation and want to learn how to take it further? What is the difference between embarrassment, humiliation, and degradation?

Learn about two distinct types of humiliation play. This distinction matters because some people play with one and not the other. Learn the motivation, risks, and themes behind each type. See a demo interview to uncover how a humiliation bottom is wired. Collectively brainstorm to see how identifying underlying themes can help you get creative. If time allows, we discuss ideas for responsible public humiliation.

Go Ahead and Punch Them on Their Brain

Have you ever thought it would be hot to just punch your bottom on their brain but find that their skull gets in the way? Get around the skull protection with emotional SM. Work in teams to add to the list of ideas given by the instructor for fear play, mind fucks, humiliation, and other emotional SM themes.


Overcoming Anxiety About Social Anxiety

Are you shy or have social anxiety? Do you want to get more out of BDSM events and your local community? Have you had a difficult or awkward moment and want to bounce ideas about how to deal with a similar situation in future? Take away a list of ideas that have helped the instructor and other attendees succeed in this goal.


Ritual Steel


Rob Ray

Pronouns: He/Him

Salt intention ritual

This ritual is about opening space so that energy can be created and used for intention. The salt intention ritual is an earth-based practice. A bowl is passed around the circle of participants who each speak their intention and add a personalized selection of herbs, plants & essential oils each corresponding to a metaphysical property. Once all the items are added the participant mixes in their intentions with all the others participants. Once everyone has added their intentions the circle is closed. Each participant is given a container with some of the mixture to take with them. The mixture will be used to open the ritual space in the coming day.

John Junkins

Pronouns: He/Him

Kiss of Fire-Ritual Branding

From the first time a Cro-Magnon man stumbled into a fire, and tried passing the scars off as art, humans have utilized fire to mark animals, and other possessions. Join us for an explanation of techniques utilized to achieve aesthetically pleasing results, why what most people would consider doing will not lead to anything legible, where this practice continues in modern times, and watch a demonstration of various methods.


Pronouns: He/They

BDSM and Body Based Rituals – The merging of worlds

We engage in kink for a myriad of reasons – to explore the erotic, delve into our spirituality, forge deeper connections with ourselves or others, or to just let go and have some fun, to name a few.  Just like a good kink scene, body-based rituals can provide many opportunities for exploration.  This class will cover the intersection between BDSM and body-based rituals, with emphasis on how both can be used to discover different headspaces, various experiences, and how to safely push your own boundaries.


Pronouns: He/Him

Ritual Steel Hook Suspension Discussion and Demo

Suspending one’s body from piercings can be an intense yet freeing experience. Freedom from the earth, freedom from your shadow, and in some cases a freedom from reality itself.  Cultures throughout history have used the practice of suspending for a variety of reasons from the sacred to the profane, and modern techniques and materials have made this act much safer than some of the options available to our predecessors.  Join us as we discuss a partial history of the practice and then delve into the technical aspects and risks of a safer suspension as we demonstrate a suspension as used in Ritual Steel.


The Science of BDSM Research Team


“What the BDSM Community Can Teach a Kinky World”:

According to a recent study, up to 62% of people fantasize about BDSM.  Unfortunately, one of the most popular sources of information on BDSM—Fifty Shades of Grey—hardly provides a good example of an ethical top, a self-aware bottom, or a healthy BDSM relationship. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at research on the difficulties that afflict vanilla couples when they wrestle with dominance and submission, the problems that can arise (from unsatisfying intimacy to criminal sexual assault) when people are unwilling to openly discuss consent, and the ways than an unsatisfying sex life can undermine romantic relationships. We’ll then share research on what the BDSM community can teach a naïve but kinky world about consent, about negotiation, and about mindful and intentional power exchange.

“Lifecycle of a Research Project”:

In past workshops, we’ve focused on the breadth of research on BDSM and M/s, trying to cram as many different studies into 90 minutes as we could. For this workshop, we’re trying something different. We’re going to follow the lifecycle of a single research project from beginning to end, from inception to publication. We’ll cover a range of research-related topics including the philosophy of science (why exactly does correlation not imply causation?), psychometrics (what pitfalls should you avoid when writing survey questions?), data analysis (what the heck do those statistics actually mean?), and the publication process. Our goal is to give you the tools to read and understand academic journal articles, to design effective questionnaires for your organization, and to begin the process of conducting your own research studies.

“The Science of BDSM: The Cutting Edge”.

It has been seven years since the American Psychiatric Association officially depathologized sadomasochism. In “The Science of BDSM: The Cutting Edge” we’ll explore the latest scientific research on BDSM/Leather in the post-pathology era, including the biomarkers associated with dominance and submission and the perspectives of BDSM as a sexual orientation or as serious leisure. Then we’ll share some of the latest research from our lab including three studies conducted at Kinky Kollege! Hear about the nature of BDSM sadism, the psychology of aftercare, and the challenges and benefits of authority transfer relationships.

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