Classes for Spring Break, 2017



Fucking Mean: How to Have Really Kinky Sex
Ever wanted to engage in “rough body play” while still having something that could reasonably be called sex? This class isn’t about building complex scenes–it’s about fucking someone up while fucking them (with whatever genitalia you have handy). We’ll talk about how to leave someone bruised and weak at the knees from too many orgasms without any exotic dungeon furniture or fancy equipment. We’ll cover all sides of this equation, from pure power exchange to vicious sadomasochistic sex to violent switching. Our focus will be on things you can do with your body (hands, mouth, feet, etc.) that leave someone feeling brutalized, used, and glowing with sexual satisfaction. And what would a workshop like this be without a little good old-fashioned demonstration?

Dirty Talking: The Other Kind of Oral Sex
Dirty talking is one of the most effective and difficult sexual techniques. In this class, we will discuss how to try to extract fantasies from your partners, how to reveal your own, and how to relay both of them in an engaging and sexy way. We will discuss the three main ways to use dirty talk: as arousal, as actual sex play, and as a technique of Dominance, Switching, or submission. Remember, the biggest sex organ is the brain! Come prepared with lots of questions and ready to at least write some of your fantasies down on paper so you can practice turning sexy ideas into sexy words.

3somes, 4somes, and Moresomes
Many people fantasize about group sex, but don’t really know how to pick people up for group sex play, or how to arrange a confusing mass of bodies once they do. This workshop will focus heavily on what to do with the common fantasy of an FFM threesome (that is, 2 cis-gendered women and 1 cis-gendered man). However, we’ll also talk about things like how to throw a birthday orgy, arrange a successful gangbang, have a religious orgy, and even how to incorporate Dom/Switch/sub dynamics into these festivities. We’ll even discuss the complexities of safer sex in these situations (both in terms of physical and emotional protection). Please come prepared to share your fantasies, your successes, and even your failures. We’ll address all the pragmatics of people Tetris. And yes, you can expect IPCookieMonster’s infamous Barbie teaching assistants will be in attendance.

Duke of Pudding

Lightning in Your Hands
This workshop will explore the use of violet wands to tease and torment. Wands, when used safely, can be used on more parts of the body than almost any toy that you will find, and we will talk in detail about how to do this. We will explore soft teasing techniques using different attachments (and even yourself) to caress your bottom with sparks. We will explore harsher tormenting techniques to make your bottom jump out of their skin as you light them up. We will explore combination techniques with impact play using various electrified toys and even predicament play with wands. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and feel some of the wand techniques during the workshop. We will set up several stations for different wand/wand techniques in the later part of the workshop for those who would like to feel the wands and wand techniques.

What a Prick!: Needle Play 101
Almost no one likes getting their blood drawn at the Doctor’s Office, and yet needle and blood play is one of the most requested scenes in the dungeon. During this 2-hour workshop, Duke will share his knowledge of physiology and safety when breaking the skin, and then show how you can use needles in a variety of scenes, from artistic to spiritual. Additionally, he will provide materials and hands-on time for people to try topping and receiving needles themselves in a guided environment.

Who Needs a Toybag? Making and wearing your toys.
Shopping in the vendor areas or your favorite local kink shop is a great way to find new and unique items to play with, but what happens when you show up to the dungeon without a toybag and/or all the shops are closed?  Well, if you’re already wearing a few interesting items, you’ll be prepared for this!  This class will begin with a discussion and photo show of various vanilla/public-wearable play items, and will conclude with a make-and-take session where you’ll be able to practice a little leathercraft to create your own custom wearable slapper cuff!

Dan & Dawn

The Introverts Guide to BDSM
Join Dan and dawn, national presenters and closet introverts, as they explore how people who are introverts by nature can thrive in the BDSM community! They will explore tips and tricks related to interacting and dealing with the BDSM scene – like munches & events when the ‘social scene’ isn’t your favorite place to be; plus, finding play partners and hits and tips for dealing with extroverts – and info for how they can help deal with us as well!

Slutty Sex for Real Relationships
Is it time to move from fantasy to real life? Dan and dawn will discuss how to make the transition from having a desire to be naughty to making it part of your real life. Whether you are interested in adding kink to an existing relationship or adding it via a new one, or if you want to give non-monogamy, swinging, BDSM, or other kinks a try, then this workshop will help you be prepared. With lots of stories, examples, and things you can try at home (or the grocery store), Dan and dawn will address facing jealousy, body image issues, self-confidence, health issues, and trust/fear issues as well as what you can do to keep things as safe as possible in your adventure. “The fantasy was hot and great, but after the lust has worn off, who did we see when we looked at each other?”

Aftercare Makes Me Wet
Aftercare is more than just hugs and chocolate after a scene. It can be what makes a good scene great; it can be what makes your BDSM stand out; or it need not be about BDSM at all – it be used after slut play, poly dating, and even general relationship maintenance.

Dan & dawn, host of the Erotic Awakening podcast, will share with you an in-depth view of different aspects of aftercare. Why some people don’t want it, why some people need it, poly aftercare, appropriate levels of aftercare, how to negotiate it, simple how to tricks to provide it, and different skills to figure out what you need. “Don’t be put off by a request to provide aftercare, instead make it the cherry that goes on top.”

Allena Gabosch

Aging and BDSM
We all grow older (damn it) and as we age our abilities, our interests and our health changes. This is a discussion and workshop about how to navigate aging in our community. How can you stay happily kinky as you age?

Get Your Flirt On
Flirting is natural for some folks but for most of us it takes practice.  Flirting is a form of human interaction, usually expressing a sexual or romantic interest in the other person.  Flirting is a way of treating serious things (such as sexual attraction) with an almost mocking or self-mocking air of ease. Flirting is sometimes used as a means of expressing interest and gauging the other person’s interest in courtship, which can continue into long term relationships such as marriage. Alternatively, it may simply be a prelude to casual sex with no continuing relationship.  In other situations, it may be done simply for immediate entertainment, with no intention of developing any further relationship.  Whatever style of flirting you want to engage in, Allena will teach you how to do it.  She’ll cover some of the basics of flirting and why they work and you’ll get a chance to “get your flirt on” for real in this interactive workshop.

BDSM, Laughter and Making a Scene (Humor in BDSM play)
The dungeon is often a very serious place. However, at times tickling the funny bone is more enjoyable than subspace! Allena will review and demonstrate some of these aspects, including: the relationship between humor and humiliation; times when humor is particularly effective; types of humor; examples of humor within a scene; importance of timing; humor projected inwards, between the people in a scene, versus humor projected outwards, towards an audience; and times when it crosses those boundaries.

Julian Wolf

Gracious Brutality
Physical force. We see what we call “impact play” in one form or another at almost every play party. While tops frequently get the 101 on where and how to perform impact play on a willing bottom‘s body, we rarely discuss the psychology that can reside behind such actions. Having the audacity to inflict intense sensations on another person in forms that frequently mirror non-consensual violence is not something that everyone can just jump into. Additionally, having the wherewithal to receive such sensation for many takes more than just the physical act of being present. Brutal play brings a rush of endorphins like little else, and can also increase the intimacy and trust that you have with your playmates. We’ll discuss the basics of slapping, elbowing, kicking, punching; and what you need to know as a top and bottom for the literal application of such actions. (Special attention will be given to the less typical areas, such as the face.) Additionally, we’ll focus on how these actions make us feel beyond the physical, and how we can work such play into our repertoires with grace. Sadomasochists of all flavors and relationship designations are invited; demonstrations will be included.

Locks of Lust- Hair Fetish and Beyond:  
As the song says: “Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair; shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen. Give me down to there, hair!” Hair has been the object of affection for the entirety of history. There are entire communities devoted to the care and management of hair from head to toe, not to mention how to remove it. This half lecture/half workshop will celebrate hair as object of fetish as well as give examples and demonstrations using hair as a toy. We’ll talk about how to base a scene on hair, and how to keep all parties interested and involved. Bring yourself, your favorite brush, a playmate (if you have one), your open mind and imagination to this class focusing on this frequently neglected part of our bodies. Note: this isn’t a hair bondage class or specifically a hair fetish class. We’ll briefly cover both, but will be focusing on hair as a S&M Tool.​

S&M From the Knees Down
Knees, shins, calves, ankles, arches, toes, heels and wonderful sensitive skin. This often-neglected part of the body is a hedonistic playground for sadomasochistic delights. From the soft and delicate sensation of a lovers kiss to the resonating thud of a rod or the sting of a whip, there is so much good play from the knees down. This class, taught by a long time foot fetishist and lover of this sort of play, will cover the medical information that you should be aware of for this sort of play as well as give you ideas and guidelines so that you can experience the best play possible for play from the knees down.


Dancing with Flame – Fireplay
Fireplay is definitely edge play, for anything with fire is implicitly dangerous. But I have found that fireplay has a sensual eroticism and art to it that so many can relate to. Who among us hasn’t sat transfixed gazing into a fire’s light. And to feel and witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. No experience is necessary for this class; some practice materials will be available for use. Technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will be gone over in this class. Even if you might not think it’s quite your thing, you might be surprised by the sensual beauty and artistry of the flame. Demo people, while not required, are certainly welcome.

Suck You – Introduction to Fire Cupping.
What is fire cupping? It’s actually an ancient oriental healing method that some have perverted for fun (I know, you’re shocked!). The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I will go over and demonstrate most of the techniques of cupping as well as placement of the cups. A warning to those who want to try the cups; I can ALMOST promise you that you will have marks that will last between several hours to several days (and in some cases, several weeks). Demo people, while not required, are certainly welcome.

Fire Flogging
What the hell was that?!? A common question when the fire floggers come out to play. What is fire flogging? It is quite simply the flashiest thing allowed in most dungeons…and frequently not allowed. It is taking specially made floggers, dunking them unto a fuel mixture, lighting them on fire and using them like a regular flogger…I can assure you there is NOTHING regular about this! Demo people, while not required, are certainly welcome.

Ruby B Johnson

Consent, Negotiation, and Coercion: Through a Social Justice and Human Rights Lens
The existence of expressed and perceived power play a significant role when it comes to giving and accepting of consent. Marginalized and oppressed groups have not been afforded the opportunity of full consent in many social situations, environments, and communities, especially in regards to their sexual health, expression, and body. When you add in the stigma of sexual expression and the fetishism of black sexuality, enthusiastic consent is met with skepticism. This skepticism is supported by the subjugation of the body for minority groups through policies, practices, and social constructs that threaten, evoke fear, and promote abuse. The presenter will discuss the historical assumptions, sexual practices, and how to empower clients to give and get consent in their sexual interactions.

Polyamory and More: Discussion on Human Rights
Human rights are those rights that are inherent and egalitarian for all individuals. Historically, miscegenation, racism, pathologizing and criminalization of sexual expression and orientation, and ostracizing ideologies that are non-secular have stymied voices within several communities. The residual impact of these voices not having space is the erasure of the recognition and consideration of these experiences within communities, organizations, and the sexuality fields. The full expression and freedom to explore and build healthy relationships is a part of human experience that has not been afforded to all historically and this important consideration can be lost in translation. Especially, within the current political environment, advocacy and poignant conversations are necessary within our communities. This presenter explores the who, what, where, how, and why regarding these conversations.

Susan Wright

State of Consent
Consent has taken center stage in national conversations, but how can we help move beyond sound bytes and buzzwords to create real change? This power point presentation explores consent and the movements for social change that are fighting against sexual violence throughout history, and how ownership over our own bodies lies at the heart of consent. Susan Wright will also discuss what she’s learned about consent from her 25 years experience with BDSM advocacy, women’s rights, and victim advocacy services.

Media Strategy and Tactics for the Kink Community
Every club and group should have a trained media spokesperson who is prepared to speak to reporters, and every board member or club owner should understand basic media relations and how to deal with reporters if they come calling. You’ll learn how to develop a media plan based on proven strategies and tactics, while hearing behind-the-scenes information about recent news stories involving BDSM as well as notorious incidents in the past. Interview tips and soundbites about BDSM will also be provided.


Negotiations, from both sides of the ‘ / ‘
Consent and Negotiation are the cornerstones of our lifestyle. Everything is built upon these, from a simple hug, to a scene, to a full relationship; consent and negotiation are paramount. In this interactive class, we’ll explore how to negotiate a scene, but still keep it fluid. For both sides of the dynamic, we’ll look at; bottoms how to ‘protect the property’, or Tops, protect your reputation! Are there special considerations when playing with someone new? (or a.k.a.’your personal safety should always be your first priority!’. There will be a few role play exercises, with opportunities for both ‘seasoned’ veterans and novices to contribute. We’ll rummage through Bebe’s bag of tips & tricks; address the hot topic of “should a submissive have their own toy bag” and more.

We’ll also look at the negotiations when entering into a new relationship. Negotiate a relationship?? Absolutely! Every relationship, even a vanilla one, has some give & take in it. You’ll learn how to set expectations to avoid some pitfalls upfront. And how do you effectively talk through needed changes as your relationship evolves. Overall, how to set your expectations so as to avoid drama and allow everyone to thrive.

The Topless bottom, Single in the Scene
Some people find the lifestyle when they are single and are looking for ‘The One’. Some are single by choice, some by incident or accident. No matter the reason, facing our lifestyle alone can be a daunting task.
How does one combat the loneliness? Is ‘Surrogate Submission’ helpful? How do you handle your inner masochist in a positive way? What can combat the ‘Puppy Dog’ or clingy effect when playing with someone new? Does the adage of ‘Advantage vs. Power’ still hold true in D/s? We’ll look at these different facets of WIITWD and how being ‘Single in the Scene’ can affect our decision making process.


Self-Tying 101
Practice makes perfect and self-tying is a great way to build basic rope skills and level up to sophisticated rope work. Self tying requires a very different headspace, but allows for some of the most focused and intense practice time available to riggers and bottoms alike. This class begins with a discussion of why and how to begin to self tying. Then class, open to all levels, includes demonstration and practice time followed by tips to keep your practice exciting and fulfilling. Bring your rope, if you have it.

Hang ’em High – Hard Points, Uplines, Hangers and Tie-offs
This intermediate class is about what happens between the load and the hard point. We will discuss different types of suspension equipment and options to attach to overhead hardpoints. We will review materials suitable for main support uplines and discuss their different risk profiles. Finally, we will demo and tie along a series of yokes and hangers with and without carabiners.

The Bottom Bag
If you are on the receiving end, why should you pack a bag too? This class runs through a show and tell of items a bottom may bring for self-care before, during, and after play.


Latex: The Caring and Wearing of Your 2nd Skin
Nothing says fetish fashion better than, “LATEX!”  But little about this shape-hugging, wonderfully-erotic, smooth and shiny material matches up with our experience base of fabrics and clothing.  Buying can be perplexing; cleaning can be problematic; and storage can be devastating… even putting it on creates its own set of issues for the latex-unaware.  That’s where this discussion comes in as we look at the various tips, tricks, and techniques to get us past the problems and into latex!

Truly Naked: Options in Hair Removal
So you want to remove unwanted body hair?  What options do you have?  How effective are they?  Are they permanent solutions or temporary?  Mercury will compare and contrast various techniques available for personal use, including:  tweezing, shaving, waxing, depilatories, epilators, laser, and intense pulsed-light systems.

The Physics of S/M
Did you know that the crack of a whip is actually a mini sonic boom created when the tip of the whip exceeds the speed of sound?  Do you know why some toys are “stingy” and others are “thudy”?  Or why some attachments on a violet wand feel good and others hurt like hell?  Come join Mercury for a brief look at the world of sadomasochism through the eyes of a physicist and his viewgraphs.  Although designed for the non-scientist, the presentation will contain a bit of elementary algebra, but calculus will be left at home,  (Those ladies interested in higher-order differential equations and discussions of non-Euclidean space may schedule “special” time after class!)


Florentine Flogging-A Full Body Awakening
This class discusses the more complex forms of Florentine flogging, and how to use it within a scene to take your bottom to new levels. This is a hands on class, so please be sure to bring your floggers—however we will have several extra pairs available for your use. This class will improve your dexterity and rhythm of flogging, and teach you some new movements you can use to create a variety of different sensations. This is a very dynamic class, which will conclude with a demonstration of Florentine flogging and the various techniques taught within the class.

Blood play 101- Blood Lust
Are you seeing red? Join us for this intensely educational blood play class that will cover the basics of scalpels, needles, and blood cupping. The class begins with a safety overview of the risks and concerns that come along with the intimate form of play. Then we will shift gears to the demonstration and technique side of the class. You will see various forms of needle play and scalpel work, with the class concluding in a very intimate blood cupping demo. You will come away from this class with a deeper understanding of this potent form of play.

Women in Charge: Female Tops in the Dungeon
Throughout history, women have faced inequality. We have overcome much as a gender, gaining many rights along the way. Despite this, there is a stigma attached to Female Tops- often we are met with less respect in the dungeon, and have to earn our standing more than our male counterparts. This class seeks to put the stigma away, and empower all women to feel comfortable in their role- especially Female Tops. As Leather Women, we are strong, we are able, and we are powerful. You’ll learn how to harness those strengths, and how to overcome preconceived notions of Female Tops.


Just a Touch: Pressure Points for Pain and Pleasure
Imagine taking your bottom into the depths of pain, only to take them soaring in pleasure just a few moments later. Now imagine doing so with nothing but your fingertips. That is exactly what you will learn to do in this pressure points 101 class. We will discuss and demonstrate various pressure points that can be used within play to enhance your scene, and bring your bottom the uniquely electric pain that comes from pressure points. Then we will travel into the sensual and sexual side of pressure points, covering the finer points that can be used to bring your partner to toe-curling moans. This is a hands-on class that everyone will benefit from attending.

Breath Play 101: Take Your Breath Away
This class will leave you breathless! Learn the art of taking someone’s breath away safely. We will first discuss and review the safety mechanisms for breath play, and the basic anatomy of the throat, neck, nose, and mouth. We will cover how to properly restrict someone’s breath versus the warning signs to look out for. We will demonstrate and teach several methods of breath-restriction, from triangle holds to nose pinching. You’ll learn about re-breathing and how to calculate how much air is remaining. Loaded with information, this class comes with a handout covering anatomy and quick FAQ to take away.

Advanced Breath Play 201: In All My Dreams I Drown
Delve deeper into the darker side of Breath restriction with our 201 Breath Play Class. Learn about water boarding, drowning, and prolonged breath restriction and how to incorporate these advanced elements safely into your scenes. Throughout the class we will cover the mental, physical, and emotional sides of breath play, and how to use that energy to strip your bottom all the way down. This is one of the most physically intense classes that we offer- these techniques are dangerous and can cause serious damage to your bottom if not done properly. Hold your breath, count to three, and join us for a class unlike any other.


Art of a Scene
The kink community has grown exponentially over the last decade. New folks, both older and younger, have discovered a new path of exploration. There are more people coming in than can really be taught effectively. Now, don’t get all bent out of shape. I’m not talking about “one true way” stuff here. I’m talking about something different… something that a lot of the new folks didn’t get the opportunity to learn in between flogger classes and rope classes and cupping classes.

So much of the satisfying stuff we do is really about the connections we make with people and those connections can be forged in conversation, in d/s interactions, and in s/m scenes. But they’re not obvious. You can’t *see* them in the way you can see a caning style, or the way you can see the path of a blade. We’ll talk about the art of a scene: fostering the connection between top and bottom so as to make a scene and not just a play session. We’ll talk about different ways to forge this connection and keep it. Bring your questions, ideas, suggestions and stories as this is meant to be a place to share, rather than a lecture.

D/s 101
So now you’ve done it! You’ve gone and created a d/s dynamic with someone. Now what? For the s-type, that might seem easy. You obey. But what if you don’t like what you’re being told to do, or you think there’s a better way of doing something than what your d-type wants you to do? Aren’t s-types supposed to follow blindly? And for d-types, do you really have to pick out the clothes your s-type wears every day? What happens if you’ve had a rough day and you just want a hug? Is it okay to show a softer side? Do you always have to be strict all the time? And what about all the rituals and protocols?

In this class, we’ll talk about how to figure out what sort of d/s dynamic fits well for all parties involved. We’ll discuss creating meaningful rituals and protocols that will be more than just rules. And we’ll talk about how to keep d/s going when the vanilla world encroaches, as it inevitably will.

To Newbie, with Love
Stepping out into the real life BDSM community can be scary and intimidating. We’ve all been newbies at some point so everyone knows that feeling! When we’re new to a community—any community, really—we sometimes come in with assumptions of others or fears about how we’ll be received. Unlike most BDSM 101 type classes, this isn’t about how to explore kink. This is specifically about stepping out into the kink community and surviving!

In this session, we’ll talk about some of the realities of the real life community versus stereotypes or perceived expectations and what the possibilities are in getting more involved. We’ll discuss how to keep safe, how to figure out who’s trustworthy and who’s not. If you’re new to the community or just considering stepping out, you’ll likely find this dialog helpful. Those who are not new to the community are very welcome to come, listen, learn, and add to the discussion!

Ichinawa: One Rope

Rope in kink isn’t always about the rope. Some would argue that it’s not about the rope at all. In this class, you’ll learn one cuff-style tie. Then you’ll learn how to create an incredible scene using just a single bundle of rope. Ichinawa, also known as “connective rope,” is the art of One Rope. It is about creating a bond between the top and bottom. The rope is simply a tool of communication for that connection. If you’ve never tied before (and even if you have!), this will be an ideal class to discover how to use rope to create intimacy between you and your partner. It’s hot; it’s sexy.

If you attend, please bring a partner. Lookie-loos are discouraged. This class is a hands-on, get-involved sort of class.Partners don’t need to be intimate or in a relationship but they do need feel comfortable with each other. You will also need a 30ft coil of rope and, if possible, something to put under you on the floor — a yoga mat, a throw blanket, a sheet from the hotel room, whatever. It’s recommended that you attend the Art of the Scene class directly before this one, though not required. Lastly, bring an open mind and a relaxed attitude. We’re going to have hot, sexy fun! :)

Ferrett Steinmetz

Jealousy is Not a Crime: Troubleshooting Broken Polyamory
If you’re dating multiple people, bumps will occur, sure as death and taxes. The question is, how do you figure out what’s wrong… and how do you repair the faults so that you emerge stronger and saner? Kinktastic writer Ferrett Steinmetz will lead a discussion about how to fight fairly, how to be respectful to all the people in your poly web, and tout the merits of a solid set of deal breakers.

You Don’t Perform Surgery With A Butter Knife: Holding Safe, Sane Breakups
One thing’s guaranteed in every poly community: eventually, you’re going to run into your exes. And as such, learning how to break up responsibly becomes of paramount importance – you don’t have to adore them any more, but you should be able to at least function in the same spaces. So how do you call it off with a minimum of drama, even when people are talking crap behind your back?

Wet With Words: How To Make Your Writing Arousing
Whether it’s composing the hottest of sexts or just porning up your fanfic, there is an art to getting an audience aroused with mere words. Let professional author Ferrett Steinmetz – dubbed a “ninja sexter” by his lovers – discuss the techniques involved in taking your erotic writing to the next level.

Master Malik & Slave cathy

A Journey Inward: Mummification
Ever wondered what it would feel like to be completely immobilized… unable to move even the slightest fraction of an inch? Have you felt a deep and burning desire to wrap some one in the tight constraints of plastic, tape, or other encompassing materials? This class is for you! Mummification may provide a chance for intense meditation, self-assessment, trust, control, and for the mind to go free because of physical restraints. The contradiction of bondage and freedom is the beauty of this play. Top becomes the server of the bottom and paradigm shifts and still both have an equal opportunity to be on the stations of their choice. We shall discuss the topics of safety, negotiation, techniques and after care of mummification. We shall explore and discuss the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of mummification. When body is unable to move, the journey takes an inward direction. We shall discuss this journey, its beauties and its perils.

Transcending/Cathartic Flogging: Cleansing the Spirit and Soul
Catharsis is a purifying or relieving of the emotions. Cathartic Flogging is one of many ways to help a person to try to achieve this. The dam that holds the emotions and create pressure on body, mind, and soul must be broken in a controlled manner to feel closer to oneself, thus feeling closer to others. The body is experiencing the impacts of the flogger, thus encouraging the mind to stay in present and enabling the soul to fly free of burdens of emotional baggage. Tears, sobs, cries and/or laughter may follow. Heightened awareness may be achieved once the interaction is settled on a balanced base. Trascending/Cathartic Flogging, implies that there is a goal for this, we must emphasize that best results may be experienced when no expectation is envisioned. This idea frees the mind to experience what it shall. The bond between top and bottom becomes strong because of this powerful energy exchange. We shall discuss the negotiation and after care processes for this intense interaction, and share our experiences. Please know that, for some, this could be very spiritual, emotional, and/or euphoric.

Cutting Techniques: Safety, Skills, & Scene Setting
There is a growing interest in cutting for blood letting. Cutting looks simple and easy however, like most SM techniques, this should be learned and practiced to achieve a mutually satisfying experience. In this class we shall discuss some basics of cutting and cutting techniques. Of course this class is not for everybody and we shall have a tray of cookies if someone needs it.
We shall discuss: how to set up a cutting scene; negotiating a cutting and bloodletting interaction; what type of instrument should be used, with plenty of examples; how to do it safely to make a cutting scene more enjoyable; what to do and what not to do when doing a cutting scene; and preparing a proper place, including music and aftercare.
Note: This is an advanced class and the demos may not be suitable for faint of heart.


Responsible Bottoming

The journey through BDSM can be very overwhelming and difficult for many bottoms. Please join me as I discuss topics that will make this journey not only easier, but also more fun! Topics covered include bottom/sub frenzy, tips for building a quality Fetlife profile, meeting people, party/dungeon etiquette, limits and safe words, negotiating, how to find the play that you want, tips for getting through a scene, what to do when things go wrong (because let’s face it, they do!) and aftercare. The goal of the class is for bottoms to leave feeling empowered and excited about their journey through BDSM.

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